The Value-Add Moneymaker

Energy management promises to glue security customers to their providers

In addition to saving money, they will assist the security system in the event of an intruder. "The system will turn on selected lights to full bright to scare off an intruder," said Matthews. They can cause the landscape lighting or porch lights to flash, scaring off the potential interloper, making it obvious to security or police which house has sent the alarm. In either case, the local dimmer is locked until the panel is re-armed.

Transitioning to newer technology and methods is not always easy but dealers and integrators need to get on board with integrated security and smart home offerings to reap the benefits of what these value-adds can offer.

The sum of it all

"There is a trend to best-in-class for home systems," confirmed Matthews. "That is the key sales direction for the local dealer-you have a great value proposition by offering the homeowner the ability to save money and interact with elements in the home."

Abid's studies show there were 16 million homes with AMI by the end of 2010. He expects that figure to rise to 55 million meters-or 45 percent of US households-by 2015.


First came the acquisition of Meter Solutions, based in Orem, Utah, a company specializing in the installation of Automated Metering Infrastructure systems (AMI), technology that automatically collects data from utilities and transmits it wirelessly. It was an interesting strategy for APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc., Provo, Utah, which mostly grew "organically," said Alex Dunn, chief operating officer. Then came word that on February 1, APX Alarm, one of the nation's largest security companies, would change its name to Vivint, said Kristi Knight, vice president of Corporate Communications.

Knight told SD&I magazine in an exclusive interview that the name will be indicative of the company's continued move into residential energy management."Energy management and smart grids are the biggest area of growth in home automation and we wanted a name that was indicative of who we are and what we stood for," she said. According to Knight, 'Viv' represents the word live and 'int' stands for intelligence. New logos, colors, yard signs and overall rebranding strategies will be part of the planned change.

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