Product Showcase

Home convenience, PERS

At-Home Convenience-The STI-32500 Wireless Chime from Safety Technology International offers an operating range of up to 250 feet between transmitter and receiver. Select one of 13 sounds with the push of a button on the transmitter. The chime can also be used as a pager for family members who require special care.

Remotely Control Your Home-DMP alarm panels allow homeowners to remotely control lawn sprinklers, exterior lighting, garage doors, heating and air conditioning. When integrated with cellular-equipped DMP XTL, XT, or XR Series Panels, the same feature that lets homeowners arm/disarm their system and check system status also lets them turn systems on and off at home via SMS text messages.

Home Retrofit Audio Design-The Renovia system from NuVo Technologies distributes audio and metadata throughout a home using Powerline Carrier technology and features a compact desktop amplifier that can be kept out-of-sight. This enables integrators to provide a whole home audio solution in previously deemed "uninstallable" situations, such as homes with brick, stone, or concrete walls.

Control with This Alarm Console—The Emergency Response Medical Alarm Console from Acadian Medical Alert Systems does not require any special connection to your existing phone line. When activated, the console will take control of the telephone line and dial the programmed number of the medical alarm monitoring center.