Product Watch

A look at what’s new in the market

Iris Recognition Technology-Priced to compete with generic card readers, the EyeSwipe-NanoTM iris-biometrics system from Hoyos Corp. captures the irises of people from a distance and in motion at a rate of 20 people per minute. The product is slated for commercial availability first quarter 2011.

Transmission for Unconditioned Environments-KBC Networks' series of environmentally-hardened broadcast products enable video transmission distances to be extended over a single multimode or single mode fiber. The range includes DVI, HDMI, 3G-SDI and HD-SDI standalone fiber units as well as a multi-interface 'computer on a fiber' interface.

Child Location System-KidSpotter is a location device that integrates wireless and satellite networks together with mobile technologies to create an advanced location solution. Upon entry to a KidSpotter-enabled venue, parents can rent a "Spotter," a small GPS and wireless wristwatch-like device that broadcasts the child's location to the KidSpotter server.

ID Card Printer Launch-Magicard's Rio Pro printer replaces its Rio and Tango printers. Users can batch print with the 100-card feeder or print one-offs with the hand feeder. The printer is available in single- or double-sided printing versions and features a clear four-line display, providing intelligent user information and interaction.

Portable Card Reader Solutions-RF Ideas' pcProx and AIR ID USB Dongle, pcProx PCMCIA and the new pcProx ExpressCard are convenient portable card readers for proximity and contactless smart card technologies. The pcProx ExpressCard is designed to provide interchangeability among computers and other devices where low power and small size are critical.

Electronic Access Control-The CyberLock System from Videx secures physical and cyber assets at remote locations with no access to power. It uses the mechanical lock hardware and padlocks already being used at a site and does not require any additional wiring. Visit 111.

Beef Up Workstation Performance-The Matrox Extio F2408, a remote graphics solution from Matrox Graphics Inc., separates up to four high resolution displays plus USB keyboard, mouse and other HIDs from the host system by up to 1 kilometer of fiber-optic cable. It features five USB 2.0 ports, passive cooling and independent and stretched mode support for 4x1 and 2x2 configurations.

Get Your IP Products Here!-The annual IP Product Catalog from Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution is available at all branches throughout the U.S. and Canada and illustrates all of the company's IP products offered.

Virtual Software Environments-The SCVM, a virtual software appliance from StoneFly Inc., can provision fully managed and featured storage to local and network VMs through virtual switch or physical network connection. This virtual appliance is equipped to configure with popular virtual environments such as VMWare, Microsoft's Hyper-V and XEN hypervisors and virtual environments.