Product Watch

A look at what’s new in the market

Possibilities of Edge Recording-IONODES' ION-E1610 multi-port encoder boasts many additions over its little brother (ION-E1600), such as on-board SATA storage (up to 3TB) and built-in eight-port switch. It was designed to help combine the power of H.264 video encoding of analog video inputs, the reliability of solid state boot drive and the convenience of on-board storage.

Mount Up-Video Mount Products (VMP) FP-LFVB Low-Profile Flush Wall Mount holds most 42- to 63-inch flat panels up to 150 pounds. The FP-LFVB has a maximum flat panel hole pattern of 890mm x 540mm and comes in a black powder-coat finish. A silver powder-coat finish is also available (FP-LFV).

Real-time Alarm Verification-Cernium's CheckVideo(r) video alarm verification solution, integrated with SureView Systems' Immix(r) video-based automation software platform, allows central stations and corporate command centers to verify alarms through real-time analysis of monitored video. CheckVideo generates video events based on the actual presence of people or vehicles and presents them to central station operators through a single, easy-to-use, Immix interface.

Video and Access Control Integration-A new software module from OnSSI integrates its video management system with the latest version (v1.93) of Software House's C-CURE 9000 security and event management system. Users can instantly launch video associated with access control events, visually verify and investigate activity at access points and receive events from the video system.

Biometric/Access Control Fusion-A partnership between FST21 Ltd. and HID Global allows organizations to add HID's RFID readers to access points around buildings, complementing the combination of face recognition, voice recognition, pattern of behavior license plate recognition and visitor management system from FST21. In addition, card holders can now be enrolled using the FST21 system.

Vertical Field of View-Axis' Corridor Format camera allows a vertical field of view for improved surveillance in narrow areas of interest such as staircases, hallways and aisles. This design helps maximize image quality while eliminating typical bandwidth and storage waste of landscape-type viewing formats. It is ideal for HDTV network cameras that deliver a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Chock Full of Security Products and More-The WYNIT full line catalog features WYNIT supplier partners categorized by their class of trade, including consumer electronics; photo specialist; outdoor products and electronics; security; and technical graphics. In addition, the Technical Graphics segment of the 272-page catalog features products that support the augmented WYNIT Technical Graphics Division, as well as their industry-specific knowledge and capabilities.

Expanding Digital CCTV-Vigitron's MaxiiCopper Vi2408 and Vi2416 coax Ethernet extender hubs are designed to connect centrally with Vi2401 at the remote end to establish a full-duplex, full-rate Ethernet connection over coaxial up to 5,500 feet at 10Base-T or 2,100 feet at 100Base-T per port.

For End-Users of All Sizes-Matrix Systems' Frontier Universe open architecture access control system uses HID VertX and Mercury Security subsystem equipment with the ability to add any third-party manufacturer gear. The subsystem components and the head-end processor communicate through the facilities TCP/IP network or via Web browser-based connectivity.