It's Crunch Time

Hearts and minds echo 'now is the time' as dealers look for success in the residential market

Alison Rhodes is an ADT Pulse customer and mother of four in the New York area who appreciates the peace of mind the system affords her as a business woman on the go. "ADT Pulse is home monitoring on steroids. I travel a lot for business and I can control virtually anything I choose in my home, all from my iPhone. I can see video from cameras at my home or a computer and see my children playing at home. This gives me peace of mind that they are OK."

Based out of Boise, Idaho, TYM Security is a relative newcomer to the home security industry, with about one year under its belt. Its successes in the home market prompted the company to expand into other markets, including Dallas-Fort Worth, according to Scott Montgomery, vice president of Marketing. TYM is a Security Networks affiliate, offering the interactive platform as well as 2GIG Technologies solutions.

New residential technologies offer cost effectiveness and ease of use, Montgomery said. However, he added, those advantages might not have caught up to the consumer. "In the past, home automation was expensive and hard to use. Now, everything can be controlled easily from a smartphone," Montgomery said. He added that currently customers are not aware of the different capabilities available-from energy management, security and lighting control to remote video-so TYM has to educate the consumer. "Bundling is important. In the past, security companies took a cookie-cutter approach; now it's all about being able to offer options and customize the solution for the customer's needs," he said.

TYM perhaps hasn't had the learning curve most traditional security companies have had. "We trained on wireless and new interactive technologies from the very beginning," Montgomery continued. "Systems today are quite easy to use. Our technicians use iPads on site to demonstrate capabilities and also, to decrease the programming time at the customer's premises." The company uses the phrase: "life made simple."

"It's all about adding value. When a customer says: 'Wow, we want that' that's what we want to hear," Montgomery said.


Video is a great product to lead with especially for those who can use their smartphone to access live and recorded clips of occupants and their children. Once hooked with the video, add other conveniences and options.

In vogue is a new term called "personal security consultant." This is someone who helps with Internet protection, computer virus protection and even identity theft and thwarting risk of sexual predators.

Cyber bullying has become a big threat to children and it happens on Facebook and Myspace. Now there's a new player called, which is turning into a sensation because users are attracted by the ability to leave their names off their comments.

RMR/CS Web Monitoring Think Outside the Security 'Box'
Adding Value and RMR Comes Easy With New Solutions

The residential market is about value-add services and there are plenty of ways to bring them into the fold. Wireless and mobility and remote connectivity continue to bring possibilities for new services to the customer, the systems integrator and the monitoring station.

Video verification of alarms is a big value-add in many ways. Many municipalities and cities require verification, at least two-call, to consider dispatch on alarm. Video is proof positive of an actual alarm and two-way audio is another up-and-comer, with some cameras having audio capabilities on board.

What about antivirus protection for mobile phones, or products that provide real-time weather forecasts and updates? Or, how about personal emergency response systems (see page 18 for some cool offerings). Or really think outside the box with the Nuvo Group USA, Montclair, N.J., Ritmo product, the way to play music to a baby in the womb. An iPod, cell phone or other audio device connects to Ritmo's controller; it also gives expectant Dads, deployed military servicemen and even couples using surrogates a unique opportunity to bond with baby prior to birth. Here's another value-add: GreenField Direct LLC, Greenwood, Neb., developed the PipeBurst Pro Jr. which provides owners with clean water domestic flood detection and it can be used with many existing security systems.