It's Crunch Time

Hearts and minds echo 'now is the time' as dealers look for success in the residential market

Tane's WS-1 is a low cost water sensor that works on 12vdc alarm panels on a 24-hr. zone, open loop circuit. The wiring works similar to a two-wire smoke detector. The sensor draws a low current from the alarm panel's 24-hour open loop circuit. When the terminals on the bottom of the sensor get wet from the water, the transistor inside locks down to close the circuit, causing the panel to send an alarm signal. Visit

Critical Environment Monitor

The Winland EnviroAlert EA800 provides wireless environmental monitoring for temperature, humidity, water presence and contact closure. The EA800 accommodates sensors with a 4-20 mA output such as critical and toxic gases (CO, NH3, CH4), air flow, air and fluid pressure, vibration, extreme temperatures and tank level monitoring. With complete automatic data-logging history, LCD interface and freezer/cooler defrost time delay, the EA800 monitors industrial, commercial and residential applications. Visit