Product Showcase

16-channel NVR

JVC Professional Products' VR-N1600UA network video recorder (NVR) doubles the camera capacity and frame rates of previous models. With the purchase of separate additional camera licenses, the 16-channel NVR can support up to 32 cameras and supports up to 160 fps for recording, viewing, and network distributing frame rates. The supplier's version 5.4 firmware features a master/slave configuration that allows multiple NVRs to be connected over the network and share resources without a PC. It creates an integrated monitoring system that essentially expands an existing network without replacing equipment. Select eInquiry #101

NVR for Live Viewing and Storage

The GE TruVision NVR 40 from UTC Fire & Security is a Network Video Recorder designed exclusively for supporting video streams from IP cameras for live viewing and storage. The recorder seamlessly integrates into GE Nav video management software, giving the ability to blend both IP and analog solutions with TruVision DVRs, SymDec and DVMRe devices. Other features include: 12 or 24 IP camera streams based on model; single or dual streaming for recording and for playback; continuous or scheduled recording modes; four on-board alarm inputs addressable on all software platforms; and more. Select eInquiry #102

Four-Channel DVR

Dedicated Micros has launched a new model of its popular Eco4 DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The four-channel unit is a powerful, yet compact, solution which is built around the company's NetVu Connected technology platform and offers instant access to all of its controls through a color-coded menu structure and front panel buttons. When deployed, the unit has the potential to deliver true global record rates of up to 100 pps (PAL) at CIF resolution. A beneficial operational feature of the entry-level DVR is its ability to offer simultaneous live viewing, playback and recording on all models so live monitoring can take place without impacting on what is being recorded. The small size and weight of the unit (8x6x2 inches) make it an ideal choice for applications where space is at a premium. Select eInquiry #103

Embedded Video Recorders

American Dynamics, part of Tyco Security Products, has announced the feature-rich TVR Series of embedded video recorders. Both models - the TVR and TVR-VS - support single remote client software, with voice back function. Customers that require more than 4 channel outputs, looping video, and more storage would choose the TVR model. The series combines high-resolution recording and superior compression. Features include H.264 compression and real-time recording options, and they can be easily configured to support multi-level user management. The firmware is also easily upgraded from local to remote sites and comes in 4, 8 and 16 channels. Select eInquiry #104

DIACAP-Certified DVR

Pelco's DX8100 Version 2.0D digital video recorder is the DIACAP-certified version of the company's DX8100 series DVR. The solution complies with DIACAP standards - the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process. Specific to the United States Department of Defense IA (Information Assurance) requirements, the DVR has met strict government security standards through compliance testing and has received an approval to operate (ATO) by the Department of Defense. Select eInquiry #105

Compact NVR

IndigoVision's Compact NVR-AS 3000 is a Linux-based standalone device that delivers a powerful recording solution in a compact unit with a very small footprint. The NVR can record and playback 20 MPEG-4 and H.264 video and audio streams simultaneously with a choice of a 500MB or 1TB removable disk. The unit uses the latest hard drive technology from Seagate, with disks that have been developed for continuous video surveillance recording. The disk comes with a 3-year warranty. The removable disk allows for easy archiving and securing of evidence. Able to withstand temperature ranges of 0o to 60oC, the unit is ideal for installation outside of traditional equipment rooms as it does not require a temperature-controlled environment. Select eInquiry #106

H.264 DVR Series

Samsung Techwin America's H.264 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) series is available in models offering 4, 8 or 16 video inputs for various applications with high-definition (1080p) output, simple graphical user interfaces, easy search and playback functionality, a motion search function, and an HDMI interface for easy connection to HD displays. The DVRs feature up to 6 Terabytes of on-board hard disk drive (HDD) storage for high capacity recording. The SRD-1670 DVR Series provide 16 channels of recording at 480 images per second (ips) with a jog and shuttle dial. The SRD-1650 DVR Series offers selectable record rates of 480/240/120 ips. The SRD-870 DVR Series offers 8 channels and records at 240 ips, while the 8-channel SRD-850 DVR Series records at 240 ips. The aforementioned models include a 1TB internal HDD with the ability to incrementally add HDDs to achieve a maximum capacity of 6TB. Select eInquiry #107

Compact NVR

Plustek Technology Inc.'s NVR Slim240 is a compact NVR surveillance tool that is managed through a LAN or the Internet and is perfect for mounting in discrete locations. The innovative design of the unit enables the device to be installed in locations that traditional NVR solutions could not. Features include fan-less design, low power consumption, a wide temperature range, -4§F to 149§F and small footprint. The built-in network switch can manage up to four channels. It supports popular video compression formats (Motion-JPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264) and is equipped with an integral hard drive to record up to 470 hours of four-channel video. Select eInquiry #108

H.264 Hybrid DVR & NVR

Bosch Security Systems Inc.'s Divar 700 Series H.264 digital video recorders feature fully-automated device discovery and assignment, built-in set-up wizards and an embedded design, and system installation is 50 percent faster than traditional PC-based video recording solutions. The 700 Series Hybrid Recorder, formerly called Divar XF, is designed for applications using a mix of analog and IP cameras. It supports up to 16 analog cameras and 16 IP cameras. For end-users with dedicated IP video applications, the 700 Series Network Recorder is an all-in-one IP video management solution containing everything to store and manage surveillance video in a single box. The NVR supports up to 32 H.264 IP cameras. Both devices allow management of IP camera profiles and features, such as motion detection, within the recorders themselves, eliminating the need for configuration through a PC. Select eInquiry #109

NVR with Megapixel Support

Toshiba has combined fault tolerant engineering with multi-format support of up to 32 IP network cameras, including megapixel models, in its new NVS network video recorder. Capable of speeds of up to 30 pictures-per-second per camera with audio, the recorders are a single-box networking solution for IP video surveillance applications demanding ultra-high resolution recording, mass storage capacity up to 4TB, and compatibility with cameras from all major manufacturers. Dozens of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control protocols are also supported. Security professionals can conduct a search based on motion, sensor events, thumbnail previews, or graphical timelines. Once located, targeted video can be exported as AVI video, JPEG images or as individual frames printed out for further review at a later time. Select eInquiry #110

Hybrid DVR/Network Camera Integration

Pelco, Inc. by Schneider Electric and HikVision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., have integrated the DS-9000 series hybrid DVR from HikVison with a range of network cameras from Pelco. The 4-channel, 8-channel and 16-channel hybrid DVRs now support Pelco network cameras, including Sarix Mega-Performance Cameras (IXS0/IMS0/IDS0, IX10/ID10/IM10, IXE20/IDE20 and IX30/ID30 series cameras), Spectra IP Series Dome Positioning Systems (Spectra Mini IP and Spectra IV IP), IP110 Series Camclosure Indoor/Outdoor Network Mini Dome and IP3701 Series Color Network Cameras. Select eInquiry #111

In-Building MNS

Cooper Notification, a platform of Cooper Safety, has launched its In-Building Mass Notification System (MNS) solution, SAFEPATH MNS (SPMNS), which meets the new Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for MNS. As a new standard, UL 2572 evaluates how a mass notification system performs against the 2010 edition of the NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. Compliant with UL 2572 and NFPA 72 2010 codes, the MNS integrates with a facility's addressable fire alarm system (FAS) for a complete In-Building MNS solution that performs both fire alarm and emergency communications functions. The SPMNS provides personnel and building occupants with intelligible live and pre-recorded voice messages that communicate what to do in response to an emergency. Select eInquiry #112

Emergency Blue Lights

Talk-A-Phone Co. has released a new generation of flashing emergency Blue Lights, available in 120V and 12/24V versions - which are typically used in conjunction with Emergency Phones to draw attention to the unit. The units are ultra-bright all-LED Blue Lights, featuring 209 lumens peak rating and prismatic pattern to enhance visibility at greater distances. All-LED construction of the unit significantly increases its life span. Select eInquiry #113

IP Intercom and Announcement Device

Barix AG has introduced the Annuncicom 155 IP intercom and announcement device developed for use on trains and in rail stations and tunnels. The device enables systems integrators to set up tailored communication systems ranging from simple door intercom, PA and background music systems to complex monitoring functions and emergency announcement systems. The system can operate as a standalone system or in conjunction with PCs and central IT management in a standard network, enabling low-cost and quick configuration of the communication system while enabling future expansion. The device conforms to the usual transportation standards including EN50121 and EN50155. Select eInquiry #114

Addressable Node Expander

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell has developed an ANX (Addressable Node Expander) to expand the capacity of its E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation systems to support up to 122 nodes (for control panels and other modules) and more than 75,000 addressable device points on one network. The ANX can also connect E3 Series networks with the supplier's FocalPoint graphic workstations to provide more detailed monitoring information and control of additional system functions remotely and at high-speeds via a new Ethernet connectivity feature. Select eInquiry #115

Self-Registration Portal

Rapid Notify Inc. has added a new self-registration feature to its suite of mass notification services. Through an online self-registration portal, visitors can sign up to receive emergency and non-emergency alert notifications issued by Rapid Notify customers via landline or cellular telephone, SMS text message, or e-mail. The portal can be placed directly onto an end-user's existing Website to allow for seamless access. Self-registrants complete a short online form with their contact information, indicate their preferences for notification, and select a secure login enabling them to return and update contact details as often as needed. Confirmed addresses are geo-coded into the supplier's mapping system, which enables organizations to target emergency and mass communications to individuals in specific physical locations. Select eInquiry #116

Safety Communications Toolkit

Omnilert LLC, maker of the e2Campus safety communication solution for education, has launched the e2Campus 360 Safety Suite. The toolkit of safety communications is comprised of the supplier's uENS, uTip, uConference, uSafe and its Multimodal Showcase. uENS is a CAP-compliant, Tier-1 notification system that enables non-technical staff to send custom or predefined messages instantly to the campus community for improved crisis communications. uConference is a new crisis collaboration service that allows school officials to initiate ad hoc secure outbound teleconference calls. uSafe is a mobile application that connects at-risk students and staff with campus police or school safety escorts. The uTip service is a crime fighting tool that enables members of the community to send in crime tips via SMS text messages. The Multimodal Showcase is an online area for end-users to see the certified technologies that integrate with the uENS. Select eInquiry #117

IP-Based Emergency Communications Platform

Notifier by Honeywell's IP-based emergency communications platform has gone completely digital to optimize speed and intelligibility of emergency communications. The ONYXWorks workstation enables users to distribute live audio messages digitally via its NOTIFY-IP Internet gateway to local, regional, national and even international facilities. An intelligent network interface enables the workstation and IP platform to easily integrate with buildings' new or existing fire alarm voice evacuation systems to provide onsite and remote monitoring and control. The workstation is a high-speed industrial PC with an interactive graphic display capable of monitoring a combination of different manufacturers' building systems, including fire alarm, security, access control and video. The addition of NOTIFY-IP allows authorized users to instantly deploy pre-recorded commands or live voice instructions (via a microphone at the workstation) over a secure Internet connection. Select eInquiry #118