Product Showcase

DVRs, NVRs, emergency communications and mass notification

Addressable Node Expander

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell has developed an ANX (Addressable Node Expander) to expand the capacity of its E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation systems to support up to 122 nodes (for control panels and other modules) and more than 75,000 addressable device points on one network. The ANX can also connect E3 Series networks with the supplier's FocalPoint graphic workstations to provide more detailed monitoring information and control of additional system functions remotely and at high-speeds via a new Ethernet connectivity feature. Select eInquiry #115

Self-Registration Portal

Rapid Notify Inc. has added a new self-registration feature to its suite of mass notification services. Through an online self-registration portal, visitors can sign up to receive emergency and non-emergency alert notifications issued by Rapid Notify customers via landline or cellular telephone, SMS text message, or e-mail. The portal can be placed directly onto an end-user's existing Website to allow for seamless access. Self-registrants complete a short online form with their contact information, indicate their preferences for notification, and select a secure login enabling them to return and update contact details as often as needed. Confirmed addresses are geo-coded into the supplier's mapping system, which enables organizations to target emergency and mass communications to individuals in specific physical locations. Select eInquiry #116

Safety Communications Toolkit

Omnilert LLC, maker of the e2Campus safety communication solution for education, has launched the e2Campus 360 Safety Suite. The toolkit of safety communications is comprised of the supplier's uENS, uTip, uConference, uSafe and its Multimodal Showcase. uENS is a CAP-compliant, Tier-1 notification system that enables non-technical staff to send custom or predefined messages instantly to the campus community for improved crisis communications. uConference is a new crisis collaboration service that allows school officials to initiate ad hoc secure outbound teleconference calls. uSafe is a mobile application that connects at-risk students and staff with campus police or school safety escorts. The uTip service is a crime fighting tool that enables members of the community to send in crime tips via SMS text messages. The Multimodal Showcase is an online area for end-users to see the certified technologies that integrate with the uENS. Select eInquiry #117

IP-Based Emergency Communications Platform

Notifier by Honeywell's IP-based emergency communications platform has gone completely digital to optimize speed and intelligibility of emergency communications. The ONYXWorks workstation enables users to distribute live audio messages digitally via its NOTIFY-IP Internet gateway to local, regional, national and even international facilities. An intelligent network interface enables the workstation and IP platform to easily integrate with buildings' new or existing fire alarm voice evacuation systems to provide onsite and remote monitoring and control. The workstation is a high-speed industrial PC with an interactive graphic display capable of monitoring a combination of different manufacturers' building systems, including fire alarm, security, access control and video. The addition of NOTIFY-IP allows authorized users to instantly deploy pre-recorded commands or live voice instructions (via a microphone at the workstation) over a secure Internet connection. Select eInquiry #118