Solutions Snapshot - Dec 2010

What can companies do to better protect employees as economic pressures raise concerns about increased rates of workplace violence?

George Campbell, Security Executive Council Emeritus Faculty; former CSO, Fidelity Investments: If your crisis management organization does not currently have a sub-group on workplace violence, I would encourage you to lead in establishing one. Working with HR, use this venue to train and reinforce the supervisors' responsibility to maintain a respectful workplace and to look for cues within their teams. Make sure they know how to escalate if they see an individual acting out or being victimized by threatening behavior. We also need to better catalog WPV-related incidents. In most companies, employees have multiple sources for reporting workplace concerns, and it is critical that all reports of actual violence or threats come to a single data repository for analysis and determination of notable patterns. It is also important to note that the last national survey on workplace violence was prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 15 years ago. We need a national workplace violence database for various industry sectors to provide a point of comparison for our business risk profile.


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