Pondering Remote Ideas

As cell phones and PDAs flood the market, security dealers and integrators eye remote monitoring to increase sales and recurring revenue

Paul Kwak , director of product marketing, FindWhere , said it's just a matter of time before the U.S. market fully realizes the need for remote monitoring via GPS. “Complimenting GPS navigation, that only tells you one side of the location of addresses and certain points of interest,” he explained. “The flip side of being able to track a device will become more widely recognized and widely used.”

FindWhere , which has had a dealer network in the U.S. for two years, offers real-time GPS tracking and location-based services. “Simply activate the wireless, mobile device and track it on the Internet using our application platforms,” said Kwak , who also noted some of FindWhere's specific features include customize reporting, zoom from aerial bird's-eye view to street levels, view detailed satellite imagery as well as basic mapping, set virtual perimeters with geo-fencing options and look up past movements from the tracking history.

With cell phones and PDAs becoming ubiquitous, look for more and more services and products that enable dealers and integrators to cater to the growing demand for remote monitoring. It could be a great way to grow your business in the future.