Wireless Video

Riding The Wireless Wave

This makes it essential to have network cameras directly connected to mesh nodes and to reduce the number of hops to the access point providing the wired backhaul.

Transmission must be line of sight, making it necessary to mount nodes on poles and rooftops that avoid buildings, trees and other obstructions.

Other Solutions

Verint's Nextiva wireless devices offer an alternative to mesh networking that is optimized for the streaming characteristics of video transmission. These wireless products use 802.11 protocols with MAC layer enhancements to avoid collisions. The proprietary changes improve the effective bandwidth by allocating a timeslot for each node to transmit a video stream to a wireless access point to effectively eliminate collisions.

The Verint Nextiva S1100w transmitters and receivers operate over the 2.4, 5.0 and the 4.9GHz public safety band.

Between mesh networks, IP cameras and unique products like those from Verint , wireless video solutions have become powerful tools that are quickly changing the landscape of remote video surveillance.

Tom Galvin of NetVideo Consulting is a network video specialist. NetVideo Consulting (www.netvideoconsulting.com) provides consulting services and product evaluations that enable successful networked video solutions.