Transitions in Technology

With AMPS and Traditional Land Lines on the Way Out, Much is Changing in Alarm Communications

All of the Telguard Digital solutions are UL listed and transmit data from virtually all security and fire systems to central stations using the cellular GSM network. Telguard systems transmit alarm signals over the cellular network when the telephone line has been compromised or if no wireline phone service is used.

Telular provides economical and seamless connectivity between the GSM digital cellular network and the central station. The Telguard Digital model TG-1 is connected to the alarm panel and is used as the primary communication path to send alarm signals to the central station. The unit is UL listed for Household Fire Warning Systems and Household Burglar Alarm Systems.

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For years, when alarm dealers thought backup reporting, they thought RADSCAN. Now Honeywell enables alarm dealers to address the challenges of VoIP and cell phone-only residences and businesses, opens new opportunities to dealers to increase RMR by offering their customers tools and services which report over the Internet, PDAs and cell phones as well as remote surveillance video cameras.

Total Connect consists of many basic and enhanced services that allow dealers to offer whatever service combinations they choose. Basic services include SMS and Web-based remote system control and e-mail notification of non critical events. Once logged onto a secure website, consumers can control their security systems and perform other tasks via a virtual keypad using any web browser on a PC, compatible PDA or web-enabled cell phone.

With enhanced services, consumers can receive video notification of system events. When adding cameras to the system, a picture or series of pictures can be sent to a PDA, cell phone, etc. For more info, visit the




For premises equipped with POTS, DSL or no communications lines at all, the Uplink solution can serve as a primary or backup reporting solution.

Uplink is a powerful cell phone connected to your security system and the largest wireless data network in North America . A dedicated wireless line to your monitoring service that is always on, even if there is no phone or the phone service is out. It is just that simple. If there is an alarm or status message, Uplink delivers the message over a dedicated cellular link to a central station monitor selected by the alarm dealer.

Newly released digital GSM units are available now.

• Pennies a day for dedicated wireless monitoring and protection.

• No phone line required. Could be used for home, business, beach, barn or cabin.

• Alarm events delivered via telephony, Internet Protocol, email, pager,or text messaging.

• Half-hour installation.

• Delivers alarms to a monitoring service, email, pager or cell phone.

• Over 250 industry leading monitoring solutions partners.

Uplink is Powered by CellemetryXG, a wireless data network dedicated to the delivery of data communications such as alarm messages.

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AMPS Program for GMS Dealers

• AES- IntelliNet offers the following bullet points for AMPS site conversion planning:

• How many existing installed AMPS sites do you have?

• How many installers do you have available?

• What is today's date?

• AMPS Sunset Clause Conversion


Completion deadline - 02.18.08

• How many business days remaining?

• How many AMPS replacement units to install each day?

• How many AES- IntelliNet replacement units do you need to order through 02.18.08?

The 7450 Series smart transceiver unit sends alarm signals from an alarm panel to GMS, your alarm monitoring central station. This is a 2-way transmitter, receiver and repeater in one:

• supports a range of inputs such as NO /NC/ EOL and direct voltage

• senses phone line cuts and antenna cuts; and monitors battery and AC power status


AES-IntelliNet is offering Instant $50.00 Labor Credit.

To receive your ‘Instant Credit,' call AES to find a GMS representative near you at 1-800-237-6387.

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