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A Secure Turnaround for Plant Facility-When it comes to construction sites and areas where employees are dealing with hazardous materials, such as plants, a high security need is of the essence. For Acker-Stone Industries, Corona, Calif., a manufacturer of interlocking pavers sold throughout the U.S., one of the company's biggest operational concerns was monitoring employees for safety violations and to protect the company against fraudulent accident and worker compensation claims, according to Isaac Schwarzman, president of Acker-Stone Industries.

"By deploying video analytics, Acker-Stone Industries has significantly improved security operations company-wide," said Schwarzman. "We've paired video analytics with remote video monitoring from Virtual Guard which enabled us to replace security guards with a solution that never sleeps, is ever vigilant and always alert."

The corporate office and manufacturing facility is monitored using DVTel's intelligent video analytics from ioimage to detect security breaches and quickly identify safety issues for employees.

"Video analytics is an effective security tool that, when paired with remote monitoring, can help an organization save money and provide 24/7 surveillance capabilities to prevent theft, vandalism and detect intruders," explained Eli Gorovici, president and chief executive officer, DVTel. "DVTel is excited to be working with Virtual Guard to provide its customers like Acker-Stone Industries with a proactive and cost-effective security solution."

Virtual Guard, Chatsworth, Calif., is monitoring the video analytics sensors for Acker-Stone Industries from its new monitoring center. Together, the complete security system from DVTel and Virtual Guard works to prevent theft, identity security breaches and provides enhanced security for employees at the plant.

Real-Time Video Analytics-The Vi-System Event Dispatcher from Agent-VI offers the built-in capability of notification via e-mail, SMS, MMS, pager or other application. When the Vi-System detects a behavior in the camera's field of view that meets a pre-defined analytics rule (eg. person crossing a line, person moving in an area, etc.), an "event" is sent to the designated monitoring application and may trigger a range of actions.

Addressing the Issues-BRS Labs' AISight 2.1 addresses two of the industry's most difficult problems: accurately classifying objects such as humans, animals, vehicles and more; and efficiently recognizing and tracking large numbers of moving objects in the camera's view. The expanded learning engine of AISight 2.1 leverages refined micro-classification features to gather information about dominant object content.

Monitoring and Verifying Alarms-Seamlessly integrated with central station automation software, Cernium's CheckVideo(tm) intelligent video alarm verification solution is a hosted solution that incorporates advanced video analytics and Web-based video management functionality. Performing real-time analysis of monitored video and presenting critical visual information to security monitoring personnel, CheckVideo reduces false alarms and offers operators more efficiency.

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