Product showcase

Video analytics

Video Analytics with Low False Alarm Rate-Ocularis' Video Content Analytics from OnSSI enable rules-based detection of movements and patterns, including time-lapse events. Multiple detectors can be applied to a single camera and analytics rules can be linked based on predefined sequences of events to create complex detection scenarios.

Open System Architecture-Video analytics software from OPAX is based on a modular and open system architecture, leaving all features exposed via an open application programming interface (API), ensuring ease of integration with video monitoring systems and other third-party software. OPAX analytics engine takes each pixel under consideration and moreover, missing pixels are filled in contributing to OPAX industry-leading analytics capabilities.

Video Analytics Module-The Bi-i(tm) V401X Video Analytics Module from Eutecus, Inc. implements their Multi-core Video Analytics Engine (MVE(tm)) on a small form factor PCB reference design for rapid implementation in IP camera designs and other edge devices or as a stand-alone video analytics device. MVE(tm) is an easily configurable, compact, high-performance processing architecture that can be used to implement complete video analytics solutions in a single FPGA.

Security with a Plan-With the new Omnipresence 3D Version 2.3, security directors and consultants can now use the intuitive interface of the 3D Planning Tool to design a new surveillance camera layout in minutes, instantly seeing the benefits and drawbacks of numerous configurations. New features include: 3D Planning Tool; the ability to conduct complex Wbig-pictureb investigations in minutes; reverse suspect tracking; and 360-degree panoramic lens support (ImmerVision Panomorph) & advanced functions.

Video Analytics in 4D-Keeneo's SafeZone intelligent software provides automatic, accurate, real-time detection of intrusion and pre-defined activities in a surveillance zone. SafeZone immediately detects any trespassing action on a sensitive site, by day or by night, whatever the outdoor environmental conditions. It enables to reconstruct in 3D the scene observed by the camera and takes into account the time factor (temporal analysis), thus increasing detection accuracy.

Behavior Analysis in Retail-Nextiva Retail Traffic Analytics, from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions, is designed to help retailers gain a better understanding of in-store customer behaviors in order to implement improved store planning and operational effectiveness. Retailers can quickly extract and search for customer behaviors and patterns related to operational issues such as staffing at peak times, or for real estate evaluation purposes when leasing to third-party vendors.

The Right Application-Honeywell's video analytics enables users of MAXPRO(r) VMS to apply video analytics algorithms to any camera in the system, whether they are new or connected to legacy DVRs. It offers integration of legacy analog video with IP network cameras and recorders, including advanced video analytics. Smart video motion detection accurately identifies real movement in the field of view and ignores environmental factors such as rain, snow and changes in lighting.