Product showcase

Video analytics

Embedded Video Analytics-With up to a half terabyte of intelligent, onboard NVR storage within each camera, VideoIQ's iCVR-HD High Definition camera features their embedded, adaptive analytics, which automatically calibrate in minutes, delivering superior real-time threat detection and forensic evidence. The iCVR camera will be available late this summer.

Video Analysis and Monitoring In One!-The Intelligent Video Advanced (IVA) solution from IntelliVision provides intelligent video analysis and fully automates video monitoring. It automatically tracks and identifies objects, analyzes motion and extracts video intelligence from analog or digital video streams.

Optimizing Bandwidth and Storage Usage-The IQ-Hawk system from iOmniscient allows the convergence of detection and identification capabilities in a single camera. When an event occurs, the system digitally zooms in automatically and can use iOmniscient's identification software to identify the person or vehicle. While the digital zoom is performed on one target the system continues to detect on the original view. The IQ Hawk system has a patent pending method for optimizing bandwidth and storage usage.

Platform Handles Multiple VCA Systems-Milestone System's XProtect Analytic platform 2.0 enables integration of multiple VCA systems from different manufacturers with a single, easy-to-use user interface. Based on a plug-in architecture, the framework effectively allows organizations to apply exactly their preferred analytics vendors to specific situations.