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TECHNOLOGY HUB - Sensors Parlay Existing Video Surveillance-Video surveillance security systems exist in almost every type of business environment but they can only observe physical activities that can be seen. In many locations there are additional critical conditions that can't be seen, but should be monitored, like temperature, humidity, air quality, pressures, tank levels and more. The SensaVideo system from Sensaphone enables an existing video security system to watch these types of conditions that can't be seen by a camera. It has four sensor inputs which can accept temperature sensors, contact closure sensors and even analog 4-20mA transducers. Almost any condition can be measured. The sensors are constantly scanned and a live computer generated video image is created that represents the current value of the sensors. This video image then connects to an existing DVR just like a standard security camera would connect. The result is that the security monitors will include a new image showing live sensor readings in addition to the other video camera images.

Home Audio Cuts Down on Installation-NuVo TechnologiesN Renovia Whole Home Audio System employs Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology and uses standard HomePlug 1.0+ PLC technology to deliver high-fidelity audio and associated metadata over a homes' existing 110-volt electrical wiring. The main source hub delivers high-quality audio and metadata from up to six sources to up to eight different listening zones in the home.

MNS Adheres to the Codes-Cooper Notification's new In-Building Mass Notification System (MNS) solution, SAFEPATH MNS (SPMNS), meets the new Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for MNS. The SPMNS manages all audible and visual notification devices in the Emergency Communications System. It features a modular and flexible design to meet the functional requirements of Emergency Response Plans as well as the complexities of the new codes.

PoE Lighting Solutions-Illuminar continues to bring to market Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting for indoor and outdoor applications. The White Light WL105 (pictured) uses SMT LED technology and provides dedicated lighting for IP cameras via a PoE-enabled network infrastructure.

Add This To Your Network-The pcSwipe(r) intelligent magnetic stripe card reader from RF Ideas incorporates software that allows customers to configure their pcSwipe as needed. Besides its plug-n-play functionality, it also includes: an easy interface; range of compatibility; and versatile mounting options. It is also HIPPA compliant for the medical /healthcare industry.

RadioRA(r) 2 from Lutron(r)-Offer your customers an enhancement to their security solution with RadioRA 2 light and shade control system from Lutron. Program lights to lock on at full brightness or flash when the security system is triggered. Schedule lighting changes so an empty house appears occupied. Use the timeclock to set exterior lights to turn on every day at sunset. Give customers the ability to turn interior lights on from the safety of their car.

2-Factor Authentication Memory Reader-Suited especially for today's mobile workforce, HID Global released the OMNIKEY(r) 6221, a small-sized USB smart card reader that includes a removable MicroSD(tm) flash memory slot and reader for subscriber identity module (SIM)-sized contactless smart cards. By supporting flexible memory up to 32GB, the OMNIKEY(r) 6221 USB reader is a cost-effective and future-proof investment to improve mobile document security.

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