What you see is better in HD

Top of the line viewing follows the move to high-resolution solutions

Driving the market

Despite the economy, the security industry continues to grow. And fear is another factor that is certainly not leaving any time soon. "There is a desire to have really clean security camera images so if something happens, you can pick out the detail," said Robert Gailing, national sales manager, security division, Sanyo North America, Chatsworth, Calif.

Though budgets will always be a determining factor for choosing the right solution, it's getting easier as prices drop. "It's more efficient to make viewing panels. Panels are getting thinner, larger and more lightweight," Lawson said.

High-resolution cameras and monitors will only continue to become more important. "There will be a dominance of megapixel and HD formats from camera, recordings and display," Anderson said. "People are accustomed to it and know its value."

From HD to 3D?

Sony's Tanaka agreed that the market will stay focused on HD. "The security market remains focused on HD and how to better utilize the high resolution displays for clearer images in all applications," he said. "Since both the consumer and broadcast world have focused on 3D, it is going to be a hot topic for security users later on."

Surveillance will also continue to grow. "Eventually you will have cameras in almost every public area, or at least obtain images," Lakefish said. "Instead of a lot of cameras, you could have one camera doing the job zoom-in with incredible detail."

Nevertheless, it still falls on integrators' shoulders to know and understand the latest technology and how to present the best, full solution service for the user and their particular application. If high resolution viewing is called for, get on board with some of the new and more cost effective monitors now on the market.

Product Highlights

Pelco introduced a new family of monitors that delivers full high definition (FHD) with 1920x1080p resolution. A perfect companion for all Pelco and third-party megapixel cameras, this first family delivers optimal performance and the truest color reproduction available. When used with lower-resolution camera systems, Pelco FHD monitors can easily and seamlessly scale down to 720p, ensuring detailed and crisp images. The new monitors use the latest low-power components while providing the highest quality performance.

Designed for 24/7 operation, the JVC GM-F Series delivers native full 1920x1080 HD resolution and can be stacked in configurations up to 5x5 for multi-camera command and control operations. Available in three sizes, the monitors offer a 16:9 aspect ratio and up to a 178-degree viewing angle. Housed in sturdy, lightweight aluminium cabinets, the new monitors feature an ultra-thin bezel, which makes them effective for multi-screen displays and videowall application.

The SANYO VMC-L2617 (17") and VMC-L2619 (19") monitors are high-performance professional LCD monitors that feature 600 TV lines and 3-D Digital Noise Reduction. 3D audio is used to improve the quality of the audio output by spatial separation of sound. Monitor offers 1VGA input and 1 S-Video input as well as 2 audio inputs.

The FWD-S42H1 and FWD-S47H1 are 42inch and 47-inch LCD displays from Sony with ideal features for use with surveillance applications. Initially designed for the broadcast industry, both boast a combination of full high-definition resolution and high brightness output - helping to present the clearest HD images in super high contrast.