Select the best recording solution

These 6 tips determine which methods best fit your needs

Hybrid solutions bring lots of benefits. Within one box, six, 12, 18, 24, 30+ analog cameras or up to 32 or more IP cameras can be supported. Users can have numerous audio channels, alarms and relays and several terabytes of internal storage. PTZ control is a snap and GUI interfaces make operation easy. However, hybrid solutions are predominantly more expensive than non-hybrid solutions and some feel they contribute to putting too much in one box.

6. Proprietary versus open architecture

"Proprietary" tends to be a bad word these days. Yet, these systems can be very feature-rich. Since they provide closed access, integrity of the data is better managed. However, cross integration is limited and this could impact future upgrades. Other benefits to an open architecture are the standards that need to be incorporated by manufactures and software developers alike.
Both end-user and integrator will reap greater flexibility in deployment. Most consultants recommend going to the open architecture whenever possible.

Emigdio (Mig) Paredes is a sales engineer for GVI Security Inc., based in Carrollton, Texas.