Wide open spaces for outdoor detectors

You can't use just anything for the outside protected premises

There is a new gas detector on the market that may also be used outdoors and in large open spaces. With an FM-approved 65-foot radius detection range, these units actually hear the ultrasonic 'hiss' produced by gas escaping under pressure. According to the manufacturer, these devices work in high ambient noise environments, unaffected by changing wind direction and can detect escaping gas in any direction relative to the microphone--all outdoors, from a distance, with no ceiling required.

Since necessity is the mother of invention, we are now able to provide fire detection in certain outdoor applications where we were unable to in the past.

As electronics and technology evolve, we are applying them in new and creative ways. The combined effect has given us the ability to push out our customer's detection perimeter, by improving their outdoor life-safety protection.

Greg Kessinger SET, CFPS is SD&I's longtime resident fire expert and regular contributor to the magazine. Reach him at greg@firealarm.org.