Wireless ways: GPS & cellular parlays RMR

Not just for back up or burg

4. Dependable: For households that use VoIP, which can be unreliable for alarm transmission, cellular communicators operate independent of the Internet connection and continue to function during those inevitable Internet service outages. - Source: Telular(r) Corp.


Alarm Security & Contracting Inc., Corpus Christi, Texas, was a beta tester of the new u-TRAQ(tm) by Uplink GPS device and as soon as the new product was released and marketable the company began purchasing and selling the units, according to Kennard Hibbetts, general manager. Here's what Hibbetts had to say about Alarm Security & Contracting's use of GPS systems.

"I really don't think it's a question of emerging applications. It's more of everyone becoming knowledgeable of GPS and its availability to the general public. So many clients come in with a problem and that results in us discussing the GPS units to solve their problem. GPS has been around now for awhile and for vehicle use I think it was first really recognized with the OnStar product. But OnStar is limited to the end-user calling a number to locate their vehicle and with the u-TRAQ a person can be at their office or home and as long as they have broadband Internet service they can locate their vehicle on the computer."

"The u-TRAQ is a very simple to install system. There are two models of u-TRAQ, one is as easy to install as plugging it into the On Board Data terminal below the dash of most all vehicles manufactured after 1996. The second model is a hardwired system (fairly easy to install) of vehicles manufactured before 1996. Commonly the vehicles manufactured before 1996 do not have the On Board Data terminals. We have sold a number of units for all kinds of applications. Big pumping septic tank trucks, parents tracking the whereabouts of their children (driving age), routing vehicles and delivery vehicles, others who want to locate their vehicles if stolen, corporate offices who want to track outside sales persons and technicians, concrete delivery trucks, law enforcement vehicles, boats and the list goes on and on."

"Any product that you sell for a monthly fee adds to the revenue stream. Our goal is to make a little bit per month from a whole lot of sales as opposed to making a lot from one sale. This has proven to make a difference in our bottom line successfully. Our RMR has increased dramatically since starting with GPS."