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Handheld Thermal Camera-FLIR Systems' Guardsman allows users to see in total darkness, provides both gray scale and color thermal imaging and can display a digital temperature readout of objects in the cross-hair. FLIR's advanced image-processing algorithms produce, crisp, clear thermal video day and night, in good weather and bad.

Megapixel/HD In One-The AV10005 series H.264 dual mode camera from Arecont Vision combines the resolution of a 10 megapixel camera and a full HD 1080p at 30fps camera into one camera system. It is available in color, day/night and color auto-iris versions.

Storage Simplicity-The AberSAN high-bandwidth scalable storage appliance from Aberdeen LLC is based on the newly released Intel(r) Xeon(r) processor 5600 series. It brings the simplification of a network attached storage (NAS) server to the SAN environment by combining Fibre Channel and iSCSI block level connections with multi-user network sharing.

WiFi Routers for a Broad Range-The new 802.11n MIMO-based MSR series (MSR1000, MST200, MSR4000 and MSR2000, pictured at right) multi-radio wireless routers from Azalea Networks feature up to four radios per router and a throughput of up to one Gigabit per second per router. They will be available in the second quarter of 2010.

Extended Offer-Securion from Evolis is a one-stop solution to personalize and laminate security badges in a decentralized environment. To support increasing demand in security cards, Evolis has extended its offering, with new films,from standard varnish to highly secured holograms.

Stabilizing Video-The IVS-200 Video Stabilizer and Automatic Video Optimizer from FOR-A corrects any video source, from live feeds to VCR tapes and DVDs, stabilizing shaky video in real time during capture or video that has already been recorded. The Auto Video Optimizer (AVO) component makes automatic corrections of video to appropriate levels.

Mini Equipment Enclosure--CPI's CUBE-iT mini equipment enclosure safely secures 8U of 19-inch wide EIA rack-mount equipment DVRs, servers and other electronic security equipment outside the equipment room. The enclosure includes a hinged, locking front door with a perforated panel and a hinged locking rear door.

Electric Strikes-Security Door Controls introduced the patent-pending Uniflex 55 Series electric strikes for controlling access of cylindrical locks, mortise locks (without deadbolts) and mortise exit devices. These heavy duty electric strikes are designed to retrofit into hollow metal frames equipped with ANSI 4-78" strike preparation.

Fixed and Mini-Dome Cameras-The new series of megapixel fixed and mini-dome H.264 network cameras from Panasonic System Networks Company of America feature i-Pro Smart HD; HD picture quality employing Panasonic's new UniPhier(r) LSI processor; face detection analytics; bandwidth and energy efficiency; day/night operation; and more.

Super High Zoom-Tamron's DF012 surveillance camera lens features an ultra high zoom power of 55X and a 330mm ultra telephoto focal length in a compact body that allows the lens to fit nicely in small housings. It also features the capability to reduce vibration with the lens' state-of-the-art built-in optical vibration compensation (VC) mechanism.

v3.7 3D Design Tool-Now with the latest software updates, the Winsted Equipment Layout Software (WELS) is an easy-to-use, interactive program that makes technical furniture design, layout and configuration faster, easier and more accurate. WELS v3.7 boasts a completely redesigned user interface, including a new navigation structure that improves compatibility with wide-screen format displays.

Props for Piezoelectric Switch-The EX-17 piezoelectric switch by Rosslare Enterprises Ltd. Received a quality product design award product design in a recent 2010 competition. EX-17 is a high quality piezoelectric switch designed for industrial, high-risk environmental requirements and indoor applications. It can be used for direct door control or applied in the use and control of various industrial equipments and appliances.

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