Product watch

A look at what’s new in the market

Designs on Consoles-Middle Atlantic Products released Designer(tm), a technical furniture layout design software package, to accompany its Viewpoint(tm) Console System. (Viewpoint was a recent winner in the SIA New Product Showcase.) The free program allows users to quickly and easily create a ViewPoint console, desk or video wall layout with high-quality graphics, providing a realistic depiction of the environment being designed.

RadioRA(r) 2 from Lutron(r)--Offer your customers an enhancement to their security solution with RadioRA 2 light and shade control system from Lutron. Program lights to lock on at full brightness or flash when the security system is triggered. Schedule lighting changes so an empty house appears occupied. Use the timeclock to set exterior lights to turn on every day at sunset. Give customers the ability to turn interior lights on from the safety of their car.

Transmission Protocols Get Intelligent-The Prodigy from Fluidmesh Networks is a high performance 'intelligent' transmission protocol This new Fluidmesh protocol which is able to maintain a solid transmission in high-interference areas by using an 'intelligent' control on packet retransmission. It can also transmit any IP-compatible traffic including data, video, and VOIP.

High Capacity Ethernet Switch-ComNet's Comworx(tm) CNGE2FE8MSPoE is the company's next environmentally hardened Managed Ethernet Switch that provides a high port density in a compact package and PoE to IP cameras and video encoders. Eight 10/100TX ports and two 1000Mbps combo ports are available that utilize easily interchangeable small form factor pluggable optic (SFP) devices as optical interfaces

Patented Radiation Instruments-Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced that its Radiation Measurement & Security Instruments business was awarded two U.S. patents for radiation instruments that can be used to help protect the public against the risk of nuclear terrorism. U.S. patent 7,456,405 B1 was granted for the radiation-measuring Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD, a small, portable, high-sensitivity, pager-like device.

Secure and Wireless RS-485-Air-485(tm) from Cansec Systems makes expensive cable pulling a thing of the past by allowing you to establish wireless RS-485 communication links where pulling communication cable is difficult or expensive. The system includes a built-in signal strength indicator, support for point-to-point and multipoint network topologies and a range of 400m indoors and 10Km line of sight.

PoE Injector/Splitter-Need to inject DC voltage via a Category 5 cable to power a PoE-enabled device? The PSI Power Splitter/Injector from J-Systems allows you to add the correct voltage power supply to remotely power devices whether they are IEEE 802.3af compliant or not. This is an ideal solution for powering an 802.3af compliant IP camera and a legacy PoE WiFi radio.

High Amperage Supplies-Superior Electronics Corp. is shipping new PS-D1610-PUQ, PH-A1612-PUQ High-Amp CCTV power supplies. The PS-D1610-PUQ 12VDC 10-Amp 16-output supply has 16 outputs, which can be adjusted with a potentiometer. The PH-A1612-PUQ 12-Amp 1U Rack Mount Power Supply has 16 outputs, 24 or 28VAC selectable with 3 amps per output, 12 amps total.

Low Light? No Problem-The Spyder Eclipse is a new intensified, low light, mini dome camera for inside applications where lighting is minimal. This camera is up to 32 times more sensitive than other dome or box type cameras resulting in high quality images even in minimal lighting. The Spyder Eclipse high resolution (520 TVL) and extreme low light (0.001 LUX), operate without the need for infrared illumination.

Stack It Or Rack It--Sans Digital, a provider of high performance storage subsystems, introduced eight-bay iSCSI storage solutions in both tower and rackmount formats. The modelsTR8I-B and ER208I+B use dedicated RAID engines to provide up to RAID 60 in redundancy. With dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, performance on both units could reach up to 190MB/s with multiple concurrent connections for various applications.

Customer Handout for Systems Integrators-A new brochure by the IQ Certification Program for IQ companies is the perfect handout and way to differentiate companies from the competition. The consumer brochure explains how the IQ Certification Program gives consumers a way to identify alarm companies that are committed to providing them with high-quality security and life safety systems.