Product Showcase

Fire & life safety

High-Rise Design Apps'-The Harrington Signal HAVED High Rise Evacuation System operates in conjunction with the fire alarm control panel in a building to provide automatic response to life safety emergencies. It features true multiplex six-channel distributed audio; integrated fire phone, area of rescue and fan and damper; modular system components added as needed; fast RS-485 communication protocol; and additional necessary features to provide an effective voice evacuation system. It can be custom-configured to satisfy the needs of any high rise application.

Five Zone Panel-Mircom's FA-1025T panel is designed for non-coded fire alarm systems in small commercial, institutional and industrial occupancies. It features one circuit board providing all the essentials for a complete fire alarm system. It is equipped with supervision for ground fault detection, battery low level or open wire fault, initiating and indicating circuit wiring faults and loss of A.C. power.

CO Detection-CoCheck, the Carbon Monoxide (CO) Test Gas from HSI Fire & Safety Group is now updated and reformulated to an easy-to-use aerosol product. Tested and recommended by alarm manufactures and installation specialists, it is 100 percent natural, made from chemicals found in the everyday air that we breath.

Sound Control-The DIN-Rail Sounder Controller (5 Amperes) from Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd. is used to control the operation of a zone of externally powered sounders and report their status to the control panel. It is loop powered and operates at 17-28V DC and requires a local power supply of 12-35V DC to power the external load, which may be up to 5A.

Addressable and Conventional In One-Through a strategic alliance with Harrington Signal Inc., EVAX Systems now offers their new Fire Solutions division, featuring such products as the Fire 1 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). UL and ETL listed, the panel can be addressable and/or conventional and comes equipped with two addressable signaling line circuits and can be expanded to four addressable loops in the same cabinet.

Emergency Pull Down-The SDC 492 Emergency Door Release Pull Station provides immediate unlocking of perimeter doors or interior doors that are equipped with fail-safe electric locks. The 492's built in alarm may be used as a local door annunciator. The SDC 492 is specifically designed for emergency door release and may influence the approval of an electric locking system.