Industry leaders thoughts on the reseller community, open solutions, Secured Cities 2010

Mark VanDover-"We continue to be a customer-focused organization. We have a tremendous installed base and we want to make sure we are in tune with new technologies, and a good example would be IP video. We're making sure we have a good investment in the IP video space as well as making sure our existing customers have a good migration path. In addition, we also see a big push on emerging technologies and one of those is the area of managed access for information. We are putting more and more effort and research into that to find out from the end user where they want to put their investment and whether they may want to have it partially managed. A lot of times people are more comfortable with that. Other people want to outsource the entire service because they feel they can't afford to have one IT person on staff to manage it. We see it as a great growth area on the service side and have the products and services that allow our customers and integrators to offer it.

Another big benefit to the reseller community is that we continue to bring our businesses together so we can offer an integration platform, including access control, integrated video, building controls, also tying in intrusion. The changes that we are making or have made in the Tyco organization allow us to bring that all together....emerging technology that resellers can use to optimize their business."

Q. Have you changed the management structure, the organization and/or focus...and there is a reason/vision attached to this?

Mark Barry-"The Global Security Products (GSP) group is one of UTC Fire & Security's three operating entities. It includes access control, intrusion, video, key and lock products and solutions. This includes brands you are familiar with, including Lenel, Supra, Onity, Picture Perfect, FCWnX, Guardall and TruVision. Our intention is to preserve equity and build upon customers' familiarity with these widely accepted brands.

GSP will be organized into Enterprise Systems, headed by Luis Orbegoso. This organization includes the GE Integrated Systems products and the Lenel product line. Luis' will field separate but dedicated sales teams each aligned to our brands and channel partnerships. Bob Haskins will become Vice President & General Manager, Security Systems, including the Guardall and International Fiber Systems businesses. Mark Gordon is General Manager of Onity. Ron Virden is General Manager of Supra. Supra provides locks and lock boxes and is particularly strong in the real estate business. We have a global focus and to support this, Bart Otten, my colleague from GE Security's EMEA business, will retain that responsibility as President, EMEA, Electronic Security Products. Mike Regelski, our Chief Technology Officer, will head Engineering for GSP. Additionally Ken Francis will lead Sales and Marketing for GSP."

Frank DeFina-"Resulting from the consolidation of the Samsung Electronics and Samsung Techwin product lines, we are now officially known as Samsung Techwin America, headed by a new management team of professionals with proven reputations in the professional security industry. In addition to the new company name and management team, we will look to capitalize on all the resources Samsung has to offer as a global force in the electronics industry to deliver comprehensive video surveillance and security solutions with the best performance and value proposition.

You will see us building more and more partnerships and alliances with system integrators, distributors and service companies in the next year as we promote our presence and strengthen the brand power of Samsung. The economic recovery is a great time to develop the Samsung Strategic Integrator and Strategic Partner Programs, including a program geared toward architects and engineers (A&Es). We are also expanding our business portfolio beyond video surveillance to include total security solutions that incorporate access control, intrusion detection, and fire alarms. We will be launching an access system and IP-based network controller, compatible with our video offerings during the course of 2010. The market is bouncing back and Samsung wants to be top-of-mind as the business climate improves. All this fits into our Vision 2010 initiative."

Q. How does your strategy impact/enhance the reseller's growth opportunities?

Mark Barry-"Within GSP, UTCFS intends to maintain separate sales forces and channel programs to ensure that existing relationships continue to receive the same level of attention. Product development and sales teams have been aligned to our brands, including, but not limited to, Picture Perfect, Facility Commander Wnx and OnGuard. Our goal is to maintain and grow the broad portfolio of product solutions our customers have invested in and that continue to meet their requirements."

Frank DeFina-"Samsung plans to launch over 170 new products this year. We have also made plans to expand our video surveillance offerings to more easily bridge existing analog system devices with new IP video network-based systems that talk to each other and offer interoperability.