Mesh primer

How mesh networks are put together

Pluses of Mesh

- Extends the network beyond the four walls.
- Not limited by cable or fiber installations.
- No need for recurring monthly service fees for wired backhauls (T1, metro Ethernet, etc.)
- Flexible and scalable, allowing the installation of IP video cameras in strategic locations.
- Potential downsides:
- Requires a significant amount of pre-deployment planning.
- Difficult to obtain assets to hang the mesh nodes on (light poles, electric poles, buildings, etc).
- Small reach when compared to point to multipoint networks.
- Can become expensive as network grows. (To limit the cons and control the expenses we have been designing hybrid mesh networks. These networks consist of a point to multi point (PMP) wireless infrastructure with the use of wireless mesh only to extend the network to locations the PMP network will not).