Product showcase

DVR for Your Car!-The Anti-Vibration DVR from Talitor is designed with your vehicle in mind and can be installed either in the trunk, at the footwell or under your seat. It features: a 4 channel input; high resolution recording at D1 for each channel; 2.5-inch SATA HDD storage up to 500GB; a single cable design to make installation easier and expenses lesser; and much more.

Addressing Standalone and Networked IP Apps-The GeViStore-IP/8Bay is Geutebruck's new redundant storage server system for standalone and networked IP applications requiring high performance and high survivability. Running the GeViScope video management system and Windows 2008 Server operating system on the latest server hardware, it can record 800 fps while streaming 800 fps; has virtual matrix functionality for analog, IP, standard CCD and megapixel cameras; and processes up to 1600 fps for display in D1 resolution on another computer.

Virtual Video Recording Made Easy-IPVision Software's Virtual Video Recorder(tm) (VVR(tm)) is designed to make use of the advances in both camera and low cost Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SANs). It now supports VideoIQ iCVR intelligent network cameras and encoders which provide in-camera storage and easy to use video analytics.

Fusion IV Hybrid DVR-Expanding beyond the analog DVR role, Honeywell Security Group's Fusion IV is a full-featured hybrid system that records, searches and transmits up to 32 channels of analog or IP video sources and up to 16 channels of audio. Fusion IV utilizes the latest processor and memory technology to support point-of-sale and video analytics options.

Hybrid Analog/IP Option Offers Scalability-Enhanced features to Verint Systems' Nextiva EdgeVR(tm), the enterprise-class IP-based network video recorder (NVR) series, include new patent-pending hybrid analog/IP capabilities, advanced integrations and virtual presence functionality. It supports up to 32 IP and analog video inputs and integrates with a wide range of IP and megapixel cameras.

High Speed SSDs-Western Digital is now shipping its SiliconDrive(r) N1x 2.5-inch solid state drive (SSD) family. The single-level cell (SLC)-based SSDs are an ideal storage solution for a wide range of embedded system OEM applications in growing markets such as automotive and transportation, data center, communications infrastructure, video surveillance and industrial automation.

Monitoring Most Failure-Prone Parts of a System-The Siqura S-64 E Video Server from Optelecom-NKF includes two new unique video content analysis (VCA) applications: the Siqura Image Quality Monitor (IQM) and the Siqura Tampering Detector. These applications enable operators to proactively prevent or address malfunction and damage through performing maintenance on demand rather than according to a set schedule.

Scaleable Storage for Distributed Environments-Pivot3's MiniBank(tm) server individually handles up to 70 cameras with 2-8TB of RAID storage supporting VMS applications from more than 30 open systems partners. MiniBanks are easily configured together to support larger camera counts with up to 48TB of shared SAN storage and embedded VMS failover protection.

Full Motion DVR-Infinova's embedded V3009 4L 4-channel digital DVR recorder utilizes the VxWorks operating system and DSP processor. It functions as both a DVR and a Digital Video Server. The V3009 series DVR employs H.264 compression technology, supporting 4, 8 or 16 videos in, one BNC connector for main output, one BNC connector for spot output, and one VGA video output, along with 4, 8 or 16 video output looping.

'Smartest' In Its Class-The server class SmartRecorder(tm) from 3VR is a hybrid DVR/ NVR with H.264 compression and D1 quality video recording at 30 frames per second on all channels. Operating on Windows Server operating system and with third party external storage support, it allows you to keep video for years with RAID and/or external attached storage.

Good Things Come in Small Packages-Available in 4 and 8-channel models, Nuvico's EVL-400 and EVL-800 DVRs come equipped with H.264 compression and can be controlled using a mouse or the Touch Sensitive Front Panel Interface. Other advance features includes simultaneous recording, playback and network; and remote viewing of live or recorded video and PTZ control over the Internet or network.

Server Built to Last-Designed for medium-sized operations, the Reliance 24 server from Access Gate Servers (AGS) can be configured with up to twenty four drives using either 1TB or 2TB enterprise grade hard disks. Different configurations can provide the user with raw storage capacity ranging from 12 to 48 terabytes allowing this small footprint device to store a very impressive amount of surveillance video.

New Generation of Hosted IP Video Services-Ozvision's 2-HVR and 4-HVR video gateways incorporate superior H.264 video compression, simultaneous local and off-site recording and storage for up to one year, and simple plug and play installation and service initiation. They offer local video storage in three modes: SD card, flashdrive and USB external HDD, in addition to 24/7 video streaming and off-site storage.

Designed with Vehicle Apps in Mind-DRIVEPROOF is a single-channel DVR from Veracity USA designed for environments where normal hard-disk based DVRs are found to be unreliable, making it ideal for vehicle applications. It is an all-solid-state design, recording to standard Compact Flash (CF) memory cards. With CF cards available up to 16GB, DRIVEPROOF can store over 200 hours of recordings at full-frame resolution (720 x 576) and at 1 fps.

Server Performance Boasts Improvement-Aberdeen LLC's new servers are based on Intel Corp.'s latest Xeon 5600 microprocessors which promise better performance and lower power consumption. The Aberdeen Stirling 267, VMware certified 2U server is a VMware certified server which supports out-of-band RAID management. This unique feature allows the network administrator to change RAID levels and even add storage capacity without requiring a restart of the server, zero downtime in the process.

Crossover Capabilities-NUUO's IP+ version 3.2 software allows for an easier management and cross-over from DVRs to NVRs and permits users to simultaneously record and display live different frame rates and resolutions. The multiple live-view display assists remote operators and users to obtain a different live video stream from multiple NUUO servers such as DVR, NVR and hybrid. A dual monitor displaying up to 128 channels is a new function exclusive to this model.

NVR Gets Discreet!-The Q8108-R NVR from Axis Communications is designed for easy and discreet installation, as well as operation in vehicles. It supports HDTV recording and has an integrated PoE switch that offers an easy and cost-effective solution for powering as many as eight network cameras recording at full frame rate. It can be delivered as an out-of-the-box-ready solution with integrated hard disk drives and AXIS Camera Station video management software.

Embedded DVR Unit-Bosch Security Systems' Divar XF Hybrid is an embedded DVR that supports eight or 16 analog cameras and up to eight H.264 IP video streams. The DVR includes new control center software 2.5 and firmware 2.5 which enable customers to automate event handling and connect and control all Divar XF and Divar-2 DVRs in a system.