The Catalyst

Packed with advanced features, digital recorders make for endless possibilities.

Rich with Features
Today’s digital video surveillance recorders are being packaged with advanced features allowing procedures to be performed that were never before possible. Honeywell set out to understand the technology challenges and needs of your customers before releasing its enhanced BusView player. New features include advanced searching, camera replacement, four-camera viewing and easier image sharing.

BusView Player Version 1.2, which features a self-contained video clip archiving system that allows users to quickly find, print, distribute and archive video and audio files for future use. The new version of BusView also helps keep video clips secure by avoiding common media players, such as MPEG or .AVI.

The enhanced BusView includes features designed to help users work more efficiently: an online help function; a reorganized, easier-to-use main screen; increased ease in camera replacement; extensive, four-camera viewing options; and new image quality and frame rates. The improved image quality setting supports longer recording times and maximizes hard drive storage.

BusView also includes advanced searching capabilities that allow users to quickly locate a specific instance of video footage by narrowing search parameters. New search parameters include time frame, triggers, cameras, record rules and vehicle speed.

BusView V1.2 is completely compatible with previous versions of the system and easily integrates with Honeywell’s Digital Chaperone DDR, an all-digital video and data recorder system designed specifically for transportation systems. The system supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Professional and XP Home Edition.

Digimerge Technologies Inc. offers a family of products focused on the emerging trend of integrated digital video surveillance. Its DHT Series (Triplex) network digital video recorders are offered in 4, 9 and 16 channel model configurations. It features a large video storage capacity. The DHT Series also offers a USB interface (for copying images to flash memory and firmware downloads), MJPEG video compression, 60FPS recording, 2 Hard Drives (for up to 600 GB of data storage) and even a Handheld Remote Controller.

Bosch Security Systems’ new 8-channel VideoJet 8008 and VideoJet 8004 offer DVD-quality real-time video combined with efficient use of bandwidth for a compact solution wherever multi-camera transmission and recording is required. The VideoJet 8008 and VideoJet 8004 encoders offer multi-channel capability through 8 non-multiplexed MPEG-4 video streams simultaneously over a gigabit Ethernet connection and these multi-channel units offer dual streaming.

VideoJet 8008 and VideoJet 8004 integrate with existing analog products and networks. The new units’ integrated 120, 240, 600 or 800 GB hard disks provide full DVR functionality and pre-alarm recording.

The Video Digital Recorder (VDR) from GE Security offers all the advantages of digital recording including sharper, more detailed images, instant searches by time, camera or alarm, and no more tapes or VCR maintenance. The VDR version 1.05 lets you copy video evidence on a CompactFlash card to give to investigating law enforcement officials. You can view the stored images on any PC without additional software. The VDR is a simple plug-in replacement for most VCR applications. It uses common time-lapse settings and is compatible with most multiplexers. Plus, the VDR hard drive is removable, giving you unlimited storage capacity. Simply install a new hard drive when your existing one is full.