Quick camera turnaround at Port Everglades

Consider the obstacles Hypower Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and its Security Services Division encountered when faced with a recent camera installation at Port Everglades in Hollywood, Fla. To begin with, the facility is the largest cruise ship terminal and port in North America, trafficked by both cargo and cruise vessels. In addition, installations had to comply with port and U.S. Coast Guard regulations and the port had existing security systems in place and needed specs for the job-Terminal 18-to meet the same standards. Finally, the turnaround was super fast-track: Hypower's Security Services Division needed to install 50 IP cameras-and have them up and field tested-in 30 days or less.

Despite inherent obstacles, service and technology specialist Hypower Security was up to the challenge, installing and accomplishing the final testing and turnover well within the tight time constraints.

"Hypower's Security Division is one of the most advanced security companies in south Florida, focusing on high end and large security projects," said Tony Belotto, division manager, Hypower Security Services Inc.

Completed late last year, the installation was centered at Terminal 18, the largest cruise terminal in the world, built specifically for the largest cruise ship ever to sail the seas-Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. During construction it was realized that the camera system had not been designed or installed. Six weeks prior to the terminal opening, Hypower was awarded the project to install the cameras and the wireless infrastructure at Terminal 18, which was also designed to operate as part of the overall Port's master security system.

"We had to complete the installation prior to the terminal opening due to Coast Guard regulations," Belotto said. "Without the cameras the Coast Guard would not let the terminal open for the cruise ship which was already en route to the Port."

The contractor for the Port contacted Hypower and requested their help--ASAP. "We determined an IP camera system would allow us to succeed within the timeframe. Knowing Sony was the preferred security equipment vendor of Port Everglades, our decision was easy," he said.

"This particular installation needed to be completed quickly so Hypower turned to Sony for its IP cameras, PTZ and fixed units as well as housings and mounts and Motorola/Sony wireless PTZ cameras," explained Miguel Lazatin, senior marketing manager for Sony Electronics Inc., Park Ridge, N.J. "Hypower also selected Sony IP cameras because they are easy to install and offer a wide dynamic range that exceeds the U.S. Coast Guard requirements for port security," he added.

Hypower jumps early on IP

Hypower was an early adopter of IP technology and has installed over 1,000 network cameras at various locations throughout south Florida. "The learning curve was relatively quick," Belotto said. "We enlisted the manufacturers to train our people on best practices with IP cameras." He added that IP cameras require a certain level of expertise and are more difficult to install than their analog counterparts.

"Anyone can install an analog camera; plug in the power, the coaxial and focus and you are done," Belotto continued. "IP surveillance can be a challenge because wiring cannot exceed 300 feet, cameras need IP addresses set and depending on what system they are being recorded on, camera license issues always come up. Integrators have more to consider when installing IP cameras. Sometimes it takes more time to install IP cameras than analog. Different equipment is needed, such as a laptop to view and focus the cameras."

At Terminal 18, the challenges were many, but not unfathomable. The only thing in place at the time of the installationwas several conduit runs to some outside cameras. Hypower installed the complete conduit and cable infrastructure, as well as PoE network switches, fiber optic cable to network switches, network cabinets and Category 5e structured wiring for the cameras in addition to wireless network nodes and power supplies. The company also installed wireless PTZ cameras. Cameras were configured for recording to the Port's network video management and recording system by DVTel, located offsite. All the cameras throughout the port, including the cameras in Terminal 18, are monitored via the IP network.

Port everglades equipment specs

- Sony PTZ network cameras models SNC-RX550N/W: Triple codec JPEG/MPEG-4/H.264; dual streaming; 26x optical zoom; 30fps recording; day/night technology; wireless capability; and 360 degree endless pan.
- Sony PTZ fixed cameras models SNC-CS50N: Triple codec JPEG/MPEG-4/H.264; dual streaming; 30fps recording; day/night technology; and PoE
- Sony View Dynamic Range (depending on model used)
- Battery power during the day; charges off light post power at night
- Motorola Wireless Mesh
- Motorola/Sony Wireless PTZ cameras
- DVTel network video recording solution