Product watch

Integrating Software and Security Management—Formed from a technology partnership, Codebench Inc. and Brivo Systems are providing clients with the industry’s first HSPD-12–compliant Web-connected access control system. Codebench’s PIVCheck software suite, an end-to-end card validation, authentication and registration solution for HSPD-12 compliance, now integrates with Brivo’s OnSite SE™ and XE™.

Surveillance at the Mic—The 210 Surveillance Mic from CAD Astatic is a commercial-grade, omni-directional, button-style model with adjustable line-level and internal audio limiter. The Astatic 210 is a miniature-boundary microphone designed for installation in security, ambient monitoring and observation applications.

Cameras Withstand Harsh Conditions— CBC’s Ganz® THRU Vision Series of cameras and lenses, are engineered to sharpen and increase visibility in conditions where fog, haze, smog, sand or rain impede outdoor video surveillance. The “MIST” technology, pioneered by CBC, can be used for mission-critical perimeter surveillance, port, harbor and airport security applications.

Optical Fiber Aids in Transition—ComNet’s new fiber optic transmission product is designed to aid in the transition from point-to-point systems to Ethernet network systems. The FVT/FVR10D1E series are fiber optic video transmitters and receivers that support digitally encoded video, serial data as well as 10/100 Ethernet.

Unlimited Voice Calling—Cooper Notification’s Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN) features unlimited voice notification for emergency communications. Proven operational in emergencies, major metropolitan cities, counties, campuses and facilities rely on Cooper Notification’s mass notification systems to alert citizens, businesses, students and parents.

Wireless Cameras Enhance Security—The CPS Cam™ from CPS Security enhances security by acting as a remote sentry that can be located anywhere, providing instant video alerts of intrusions. These wireless cameras are weatherproof, do not require AC power, are motion sensing and can sustain a battery life of two years.

Protection Against Carbon Monoxide—The iEvac from Elmridge Protection Products is a U.S.-certified, life-saving filtering smoke hood. It enables people to avoid the inhalation of smoke and dangerous gases like carbon monoxide.

Access at Your Fingertips—The 007 Stand Alone Finger Print Reader Access Control System from Electronic System Products is designed for residential, office and retail installations. Features include one-second activation time; a remote infrared programmer; and built-in PIR to wake unit from sleep mode.

Tamperproof Bullet Camera—Key features of Hawk-I Security’s 148IRCB 1/3-inch color high resolution bullet camera include 550 lines of resolution; a 3.6 mm lens; electronic iris; and dual voltage. The camera is weatherproof and tamperproof with the cable running through the mounting bracket.

Ideal Cuts Testing Time—Ideal Industries introduced its upgraded VDV PRO™ Cable Tester. Ergonomically designed for handheld orientation, it features a backlit full dot matrix screen viewable in low-light. Ideal integrated RJ11/12 (voice), RJ45 (data) and coax F-Connector (video) interfaces directly into the top of the unit, reducing the time needed when transitioning between voice, data and video cable testing, eliminating the need to replace lost adapters.

BACS, Integrated and Certified—The TRU650 Biometric Access Control System (BACS) from Integrated Biometrics secures physical access to enterprise environments with a centralized database providing real-time control and record of activity. Now Lenel factory-certified, customers are able to administer both the TRU650 and OnGuard by using the Lenel System’s management interface.

Secure Servers Come in Pairs—The EDS 1100/2100 secure terminal/device servers from Lantronix come in one- and two-port versions and quickly connect any device with a serial port to the network using robust SSH or SSL enterprise-level security. The EDS 1100/1200 servers round out Lantronix’ EDS family, which currently includes a 4, 8, 16 port product portfolio.

Designed for Extreme Environments—The ruggedized Hardened MobileTrace® handheld trace detection system from Morpho Detection can detect and identify chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. It is engineered to meet the U.S. Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-810-G standard for temperature, dust, impact and humidity.

High-Density Video Server—The Siqura S-68 E video server from Optelecom-NKF features capacity to compress and stream video in H.264 from 88 analog cameras per one 19-inch/3U power supply cabinet. Through an intuitive access-controlled Web interface, it is possible to configure an array of features included in the S-68 E, such as the use of video motion detection (VMD) or serial data streams to control a PTZ camera or implement access control.

Sensor for Mobile Applications—OmniVision Technologies’ ¼-inch, 5-megapixel RAW CMOS image sensor is based on its 1.4-micron OmniBSI backside illumination (BSI) technology. The OV5647 sensor supports a digital video parallel port or two-lane MIPI® interface and provides full-frame, windowed or binned 10-bit images in RAW RGB format with complete user control over formatting and output data transfer.

Support Across the Cable—The HDMI Econo Plus Extender Kit from Muxlab allows one HDMI cable to be replaced by two Category 5e/6 twisted pair cables. The 500401 features improved distance performance over the current 500400 by supporting 1080p up to 150 ft. (45m) via Cat5e cable. The product also supports 1080p Deep Color up to 90 ft. (27m) via Cat6 cable.

SmartCode with Home Connect Technology—Kwikset has introduced a smarter way to connect to your home with Home ConnectTechnology. It works by allowing your lock to wirelessly talk to other technologies in your house, such as the security system, lighting, thermostat and entertainment system.

BumpStop® Technology—ASTM developed testing criteria under Standard F883-09 for determining a cylinder’s ability to effectively resist break-ins using lock bumping techniques. Only two manufacturers attained the highest level of protection—Grade 6—as specified in the standard. However, locks from only one manufacturer of both door hardware and padlocks—Master Lock Co.—exceeded Grade 6 lock bump test criteria, thanks to patent-pending, BumpStop® Advanced Cylinder Technology.

Internal GSM Radio—Honeywell introduced LYNX Plus, the security industry’s first self-contained wireless residential system that internally supports two-way voice capabilities over GSM and an integrated signal-strength meter. LYNX Plus is a combination control panel, keypad, siren, dialer, two-way voice system and speakerphone.

Connectors Enable Fast Fiber Termination—Belden’s FiberExpress Brilliance Field-Installable Connectors enable fast, fool-proof and easy termination of a fiber, which can typically be made in five seconds, with no termination tools required. They can be used for loose tube fiber installations, with the addition of a break-out kit, so installers can achieve the same reliability and improved fiber yields as with tight-buffered terminations.

Stay in Touch—Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) released Version 205 software for its DMP XR100/XR500 Command Processor™ Panels. With this upgrade, all DMP panels now have the capability to provide the popular In Touch Messaging Features, already introduced on the XT Series™ Panels, that allow users to control their alarm systems via SMS text commands from their cell phone or a browser.

Healthcare Suite—Stanley Security Solutions Inc. released its BEST Behavioral Healthcare Product Portfolio, including the Stanley Patient Safety Lever (SPSL), Stanley Emergency Door Alarm (SEDA) and Stanley Seclusion Room Lock (SSRL). The SPSL is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and features anti-ligature mortise and cylindrical lever locksets. The SEDA is a door sensor monitoring system that can also be used in conjunction with the SPSL locksets. The SSRL is a single- or multi-point deadlocking device for seclusion and/or time-out rooms.

Baseband Video/Stereo Audio Baluns—The Energy Transformation Systems ETS Baseband Video/Stereo Audio Balun Series is the work-horse of baluns. It can be used for point-to-point replacement of coaxial (video) and shielded (high impedance audio) cables with UTP Category5 or better cable and is designed for installations needing separate audio channels. The AV901 has been designed into a basic balun style with RCA jacks, a data pass-through or wall-plate versions.