Product watch

A look at what’s new in the market

BumpStop® Technology—ASTM developed testing criteria under Standard F883-09 for determining a cylinder’s ability to effectively resist break-ins using lock bumping techniques. Only two manufacturers attained the highest level of protection—Grade 6—as specified in the standard. However, locks from only one manufacturer of both door hardware and padlocks—Master Lock Co.—exceeded Grade 6 lock bump test criteria, thanks to patent-pending, BumpStop® Advanced Cylinder Technology.

Internal GSM Radio—Honeywell introduced LYNX Plus, the security industry’s first self-contained wireless residential system that internally supports two-way voice capabilities over GSM and an integrated signal-strength meter. LYNX Plus is a combination control panel, keypad, siren, dialer, two-way voice system and speakerphone.

Connectors Enable Fast Fiber Termination—Belden’s FiberExpress Brilliance Field-Installable Connectors enable fast, fool-proof and easy termination of a fiber, which can typically be made in five seconds, with no termination tools required. They can be used for loose tube fiber installations, with the addition of a break-out kit, so installers can achieve the same reliability and improved fiber yields as with tight-buffered terminations.

Stay in Touch—Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) released Version 205 software for its DMP XR100/XR500 Command Processor™ Panels. With this upgrade, all DMP panels now have the capability to provide the popular In Touch Messaging Features, already introduced on the XT Series™ Panels, that allow users to control their alarm systems via SMS text commands from their cell phone or a browser.

Healthcare Suite—Stanley Security Solutions Inc. released its BEST Behavioral Healthcare Product Portfolio, including the Stanley Patient Safety Lever (SPSL), Stanley Emergency Door Alarm (SEDA) and Stanley Seclusion Room Lock (SSRL). The SPSL is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and features anti-ligature mortise and cylindrical lever locksets. The SEDA is a door sensor monitoring system that can also be used in conjunction with the SPSL locksets. The SSRL is a single- or multi-point deadlocking device for seclusion and/or time-out rooms.

Baseband Video/Stereo Audio Baluns—The Energy Transformation Systems ETS Baseband Video/Stereo Audio Balun Series is the work-horse of baluns. It can be used for point-to-point replacement of coaxial (video) and shielded (high impedance audio) cables with UTP Category5 or better cable and is designed for installations needing separate audio channels. The AV901 has been designed into a basic balun style with RCA jacks, a data pass-through or wall-plate versions.