SIA 2010 New Product Showcase

It’s that time of year again! SD&I magazine is proud to present the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) 2010 New Product Showcase (NPS). SIA NPS has changed to meet the new times with a focus on integration and convergence. There are more total solutions-based award categories and also, software, wireless, video analytics, convergence and more. The judges, who include end-users and integrators and consultants, have been fine-tuning the award categories since last year, again to reflect new technologies and services.

Listed are the products that have been entered into this competition and deemed the most innovative in their class.

Advanced Technology Video
Booth: 10109

The Ultra High Resolution VD650WDR True Day/Night Vandal Dome is the newest in the family of performance cameras powered by ATV's innovative IQ²™ Technology. Features include 650 TVL, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and True Day/Night (TDN) operation.

Aegis Micro
Booth: 4140

VPON VP-5004 Mobile DVR an enterprise level Linux embedded mobile DVR with GPS tracking integration feature. Allows for record, playback, back-up and remote monitoring.

Booth: 9034

Remotely program alarm panels through mesh RF alarm communication networks. The AES-7094 IntelliPro relays full data over existing AES-IntelliNet wireless long range mesh networks.

Aigis Mechtronics
Booth: 9038

Aigis Mechtronics’ new Cirix IP camera line, powered by the Unified Security™ NVR and web portal, combines an on-camera NVR with integrated cloud storage capabilities that eliminate the requirement to deploy and maintain standalone NVRs and DVRs.

Aigis Mechtronics
Booth: 9038

Aigis’ Network Public View Display (NPVD Series) combines security and surveillance with advertising and marketing. The NPVD is available in multiple screen sizes and includes a built-in camera for surveillance video that can be output to any video management and recording device.

Booth: 11109

The JKW-IP adaptor allows Aiphone’s JK Series hands-free color video intercom to use a PC as a master station. Up to 20 different JK systems can be controlled by ten PCs using standard LAN/WAN technology.

Booth: 16127

BreezeMAX Extreme 5000 is a wireless broadband solution to bring WiMAX 16e technology to the 5 GHz license-exempt market. This base station is designed for a variety of applications and business models and offers advanced air-protocol capabilities, superior performance and standard protocol support.

Booth: 19117

The panoramic high definition dome camera with high definition stream management (HDSM) is designed to provide complete coverage of ultra-wide angle scenes including lobbies, offices, and other tight spaces with fewer cameras.

Axcess International
Booth: 20145

Under license from HID, Dot Credential combines HID Prox with Axcess’ wireless automatic identification capabilities. Dot is compatible with most existing HID proximity readers providing access to secure doorways. It also provides solutions beyond the front door.

Axis Communications
Booth: 18051

The AXIS P5534 PTZ Dome Network Camera offers HDTV-quality video and 18x zoom for indoor surveillance applications. With an IP51-rated protection against dust and dripping water, it is ideal for use at airports, train stations, warehouses, shops and schools.

Axis Communications
Booth: 18051

The AXIS Q1910 Thermal Network Camera is a perfect complement to any network video system that needs to secure an area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The camera uses thermal imaging, which allows users to detect people, objects and incidents in complete darkness and difficult conditions such as smoke, haze, dust and light fog.

Axis Communications
Booth: 18051

The AXIS Q8108-R is an 8-channel network video recorder especially designed for public and commercial transportation applications. It provides uninterrupted in-vehicle recording also in full frame rate HDTV resolution for up to 8 connected cameras. The integrated 8-port PoE switch offers an easy, fast and cost-effective solution for supplying power to network cameras.

Baran Access Solutions
Booth: 15140

The ASH-Multireader is a 13.56 MHz high security, vandal-proof, weatherproof and tamperproof smartcard reader in a solid metal housing with IP-68 certification. It is built for extreme durability and harsh environment reliability with single-gang-box (U.S.) and EU mounting and includes two LEDs and a buzzer.

Behavioral Recognition Systems
Booth: 20097

AISight 2.1 is a learning-based video behavioral analytics solution – processing visual data the same way the human brain does. AISight observes behavior, determines if it is normal or abnormal, and reports only on abnormal activity.

Boon Edam
Booth: 20077

The Speedlane 300 provides security benefits of a barrier optical turnstile. The illuminated angel wing barriers and slim stainless steel cabinets complement most interiors, including smaller lobbies. The detection matrix effectively deters tailgating, LED lighting change color to indicate status.

Bosch Security Systems
Booth: 18011

Bosch’s FPA-1000-UL analog addressable control panel is designed for small to medium sized buildings, this compact fire panel offers customers a Web-based approach for programming the system.

DataDirect Networks
Booth: 6052

DDN’s xStreamScaler 4.0 storage platform is designed for megapixel camera resolutions and delivers infrastructure efficiency required for scalable security organizations. Scalable file storage eliminates OS capacity limitations and provides global access to video.

Dedicated Micros
Booth: 20007

Dedicated Micros’ integrated camera recording (ICR) capability combines recording capability and a full enterprise video server within Dedicated Micros’ line of CamVu IP cameras.

DVTel Inc.
Booth: 21077

The DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V6 is an open standards, IP-based security management platform that unites all aspects of physical security, and provides users the ability to manage video, audio, data, access control, sensors, trend analysis and alarm management functionality from a singular interface.

Booth: 21144

Turn phones into hands free, long range wireless access system to unlock apartments, hotel rooms, houses, garage doors, gates, alarm systems using an encrypted Bluetooth signal.

Booth: 23143

Contactless readers for access control and security systems, readers can be ordered in frequency 13.56 MHz or 125 KHz in read only implementation. Also, set up the Wiegand output data format according to customers requirements.

Everfocus Electronics
Booth: 17065

The Paragon264 series H.264 pentaplex DVR offers full HD 1080p with 480 fps of real time recording and playback. HDMI digital output delivers images from any resolution. Utilizing the GUI menu, select live or playback on the selected channel, change screen layouts or modify recording parameters. The Paragon264 series also supports 3GPP for mobile monitoring.

GE Security
Booth: 11067

The GE SafeAir carbon monoxide detector is commercial grade detection techonology. The Two Way Talking Touchscreen is a wireless, AC Powered 3.5” color touchscreen that operates with GE Security SimonXT security panels. Also a complete product line of fiber transmission, receivers and media convertors. The TruVision NVR 40 and free GE Nav video management software support video streams from IP cameras for live viewing and storage.

GE Security
Booth: 11067

The GE-DESH-73 is a 7+3G Industrial Managed Switch which features: SNMP trap/SMTP with email for alarm notification; 7 fast ports for edge devices; 2 gig E ports for drop and insert; 1 gig E for addressable uplink and console management; and more.

GE Security
Booth: 11067

The TruVision™ NVR 40 and free GE Nav video management software support video streams from IP cameras for live viewing and storage. GE Nav also permits the NVR to operate in the same environment with GE DVRs creating a flexible hybrid application. The TVN 40 features up to 4TBs of onboard storage and supports H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression from both GE and third party IP cameras.

GE Security
Booth: 11067

The Two Way Talking Touchscreen is a wireless, AC Powered 3.5-inch color touchscreen that operates seamlessly with GE Security SimonXT security panels. It features an intuitive user interface with easy to understand icons providing easy control of the security system, wireless lighting control devices and wireless thermostats.

 GVI Security
Booth: 18083

AutoIP is an open platform video management software for network video devices used in small to mid-sized surveillance projects and can scale to support system growth. Designed to simplify the installation and configuration of network video systems through automation.

HID Global
Booth: 12051

The next generation of the revolutionary Edge platform, Edge Evo™ EdgeReader® is a single-door IP-based access control solution (with integrated iCLASS® reader) that fully leverages IT infrastructure, eliminating traditional controllers and connecting to each door via network cable.

HID Global
Booth: 12051

The Fargo DTC4000 is a next generation direct-to-card printer from HID Global that provides easy and reliable color personalization and technology card encoding. The DTC4000 will work seamlessly with other products and technologies within the HID family (such as iCLASS), creating a high level of security and interoperability.

Booth: 9064

The Hikvision DS-2CD886MF-E 5-megapixel network camera with PoE delivers compressed video stream with up to 2560x1920 resolution at 10fps or HD 1080P (1920x1080) at full frame rate based on DaVinci technology.

Hirsch Electronics
Booth: 24018

Using secure, IT standard protocols, the PACE Gateway links physical access control (PAC) events to network access control (NAC) privileges. This linkage enables physical presence to become a policy for granting or denying network access to an individual.

Hirsch Electronics
Booth: 24018

Hirsch Professional Services Group offers true systems integration of third-party components using APIs, XML, etc. to deliver interoperable enterprise solutions. The featured solution is Integrated Identity & Access Management (IAM) integrating Intercede’s IDMS/CMS, CoreStreet’s OCSP, Hirsch’s access control system, Hirsch’s Verification Station, Hirsch middleware for migrating prox to smart cards, and PKI certificate checking with remote CA.

i3 International, Inc.
Booth: 7080

The Annexxus 316 is a 16-channel video encoder that allows 16 channels of analog video to be converted to IP video. Utilizing the H.264 compression, the Annexxus 316 will transmit video over the network much faster, using less bandwidth, and projecting video at a higher resolution.

ICx Technologies, Inc.
Booth: 24109

The CommandSpace Argus is a fully integrated, out-of-the-box wide area surveillance system. The standalone or networked solution is available with ground surveillance radar and thermal imaging camera options with a detection range between 350 meters to 2800.

Booth: 5123

Infinova’s V2216 VMS lets IP and analog equipment co-exist. The V2216 sits on top of the system, managing IP equipment using the installed analog control system.

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies
Booth: 20041

The AD-Series is a locking solution on an open architecture platform able to be integrated into virtually any access control system. A wide variety of options allows the AD-Series to be customized.

Intelligent Security Systems
Booth: 18077

SecurOS 5.2 Enterprise integrates features of business intelligence and video management in one open standard platform. Analytics, such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, container number recognition and smart analysis of POS data can be activated.

Booth: 3074

The Intransa server and storage appliances lower IP surveillance costs and complexity. Able to be taken out of the box, plugged in—sets up in less than five minutes. Comes with a choice of 9 VMS applications from leading vendors.

Booth: 24018

IPVisionSoftware's Virtual Video Recorder is a real-time video management system which leverages network cameras & encoders to eliminate costly servers traditionally used as NVRs. Deployments include enterprise and hosted systems, with such available features as: desktop and cellular phone instant visual notifications, a prebuilt Web Portal, with many using all megapixel cameras.

Booth: 24123

Homeowners can use a cell phone, the Internet, or home automation/security system touch panel, to check door lock status, arm and disarm a security system, lock/unlock doors and receive texts when someone enters.

L-1 Enterprise Access Solutions (Bioscrypt)
Booth: 24140

The L-1 4G Multi-Biometric platform is a biometric management solution for access control and Time & Attendance devices. The SecureAdmin management application was built from the ground up to be extendable for all L-1 4G biometric devices and to provide a single cohesive administration console to manage users, templates and the biometric devices. The biometric modalities currently supported include Fingerprint and now, finger vein.

LifeSafety Power
Booth: 6054

The FlexPower power system utilizes microprocessor technology, RoHS compatibility, green design and pioneering networked power device status. Agency listed for access, fire, security, mass notification, CCTV across the U.S.

Booth: 20086

The eMerge 5000 Series 3.0 system is built on a solid state IP network appliance architecture designed for any LAN, WAN or distributed network environment. Onboard controller includes an embedded Web server, ODBC-compliant database management system and related application software.

Booth: 17138

LifeSentry is a personal emergency response system with a two-way voice communicator. Push the button on the pendant from anywhere in and around the home and talk to a central monitoring station operator in seconds.

Longhorn Security Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 22087

Longhorn ePir series is a digital PIR detector suitable for a range applications with embeded Sigma Delta, auto-LED and DVC technologies on a single chip solution platform for stability, reliability and detecting performance.

Maxim Integrated Products Inc.

Maxim’s contactless RFID keys are both compliant with international standards and interoperable with 13.56MHz readers. An optional embedded Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) engine enables a low cost copyproof credential system. RFID Key functionality includes: 512-Bit SHA-1 Authentication Engine with One 64-Bit Secret Passive 13.56MHz Frequency Band ISO 14443B or ISO 15693 Compliant Factory-Programmed, 64-Bit Unique ID number 1kb User-Defined Read/ Write Memory.

Middle Atlantic Products
Booth: 8064

The ViewPoint console system brings a combination of support for mission-critical electronic systems and human interaction and safety. It integrates physical support for electronics, monitoring and work surfaces with power, thermal and cable management.

Milestone Systems
Booth: 11051

Milestone XProtect Smart Client 5.0 is an application for integrated video access and surveillance control, designed for Milestone XProtect IP video management platforms. Its camera views give access to live and recorded video, while integrated event and device control provides surveillance operators with an environment for managing the complete surveillance installation.

Napco Security Technologies
Booth: 14055

Gemini iRemote64Pak is a security system with remote virtual keypad Web access and control for subscriber convenience and dealer troubleshooting via PC or smartphone. It includes 12-months remote control service accessible online at a supplied dealer-customized Web site.

Next Level Security Systems
Booth: 6092

The NLSS security platform is a networked system that integrates video management, access control, intrusion detection and video analytics into a compact solution. The solution’s features include remote monitoring and backup, auto discovery and configuration, centralized system management for multi-site facilities and VoIP.

On-Net Surveillance Systems
Booth: 8074

OnSSI’s Ocularis DS is a scalable, open-architecture video-centric PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) solution designed for multi-site large enterprise environments able to integrate cameras, 3rd party recorder and VMS solutions, analytics and commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

Open Options
Booth: 24129

The DController is an IP-based intelligent door controller with widely deployed hardware standards by Mercury Security. The DController supports 12VDC or PoE to power the device as well as peripheral devices at the door.

OTN Systems
Booth: 7040

OTN (Open Transport Network) is a networked security application which provides all the necessary interfaces to connect IP based and analog CCTV applications. OTN uses a secure and resilient fiber optic backbone which offers a capacity of up to 10Gbps, enough to handle 1000+ cameras.

OzVision America
Booth: 2124

The 4-HVR gateway is a new generation of hosted IP video services. Video is stored for up to a year on a secure server and clips are sent upon alarm directly to the central station screens and owner. Central station can easily manage thousands of accounts.

Pentax Imaging
Booth: 11127

Long-range zoom lens provide image processing circuitry integrated into the lens to process atmospheric elements letting the final image see through fog, snow, rain and smoke.

Booth: 6034

The new MiniBank™ introduces a sleek 1u footprint for cost-driven surveillance environments with enterprise reliability needs, including retail, financial, and education markets. A MiniBank individually handles up to 70 cameras with 4 - 8TB of RAID storage running video management system (vms) software from over 30 open systems partners. MiniBanks are easily configured together to support larger camera counts with up to 48TB of shared SAN storage and embedded vms failover protection.

Risco Group
Booth: 12075

The RISCO touch screen keypad offers a flat, low profile touchscreen that operates through a 3x8 matrix thin membrane comprised of 24 keys utilizing cap sense technology scanning for a depression of one of the keys.

S.R. Smith
Booth: 23141

The PoolSonix pool alarm system is a detection and notification system designed for swimming pool environments.

SAE Electronic Co., Ltd.
Booth: 7059

DR-E588HDE18C is a megapixel PTZ dome which combines 1.3 megapixel CCD with 18x optical zoom lens and H.264 and MJPEG dual video compression technology. Anna 200M ensures 1000TVL broadcasting level video, and provides image which are 5 times of traditional VGA camera.

SAE Electronic Co., Ltd.
Booth: 7059

Anna 200M is capable of delivering 1920*1080P full HD video. Built-in 1/2.5-inch 5 mega pixel CMOS sensor and 10x optical lens, Anna 200M ensures 1000TVL broadcasting level video, and gives you excellent and superior image, which is 5 times of traditional VGA camera. H.264 main profile @ level 4.0 compression technology can output smooth video with minimum bandwidth. It will free you from the burden of connecting various wires and cables by PoE.

Safety Technology International
Booth: 22109

Polycarbonate covers help protect a variety of devices without restricting operations. The cover, with or without horn, includes a waterproof back box. Color options and custom labeling is available.

Sanyo North America (Consumer Solutions Division)
Booth: 40000

Sanyo’s VCC-HD5600 is a full HD 1080p, full frame rate compatible network Pan-Tilt-Zoom security camera with multi-streaming H.264 and MJPEG codecs. Features include: true day/night; quad streaming; video analytics; HDMI output; SDHC and HDD edge recording; image stabilization; built-in 10x AF megapixel-rated lens; 360-degree continuous PTZ and duplex audio.

Sarnoff Corporation
Booth: 12135

Sarnoff’s Iris On the Move has the security of iris recognition in a system capable of capturing an iris image at a distance up to 10 feet away, while the individual is in motion.

Scallop Imaging
Booth: 14147

Scallop Imaging’s D7 is a 7-megapixel IP video camera with a full 180 degree field of view. The camera is able to distribute the imaging task across 5 micro camera modules and processes over 100 megapixels per second.

Sentry 360 Security
Booth: 4149

Sentry 360’s FullSight Mini is designed with immersive video or 360-degree technology, there are no moving parts and no blind spots and is able to deliver complete situational awareness to the end-user with no unbroken video.

Silent Knight
Booth: 11041

The Intelliknght 5600 is a 25-point class leading single loop addressable fire alarm control/communicator system. Intelliknght 5600 provides addressable sensing technology combined with built-in digital communication that includes an interface.

Sony Electronics Inc.
Booth: 16086

A 4-channel video encoder, Sony’s SNT-EX104 is a stand-alone unit designed to meet a wide range of system requirements. The SNT-EX104 is ideal for migrating from an analog system to an IP based surveillance solution. Key features like XDNR, dynamic noise reduction and DFI, dynamic frame integration make this encoder ideal for use in nearly any application.

Sony Electronics Inc.
Booth: 16086

The SNC-CH140 is Sony’s newest dual-stream, multi-format, IP camera that delivers excellent picture quality in HD resolution at 30 fps. Using Sony’s new Exmor™ CMOS image sensor, the fixed camera includes state-of-the- art image enhancement technologies such as View-DR. With Wide-D technology, Visibility Enhancer, and XDNR, the SNC-CH140 provides excellent picture quality in challenging lighting environments.

StarDot Technologies
Booth: 3100

The NetCam SC H.264 multi-megapixel IP camera series is a triple-streaming security camera that can simultaneously output H.264 and motion-JPEG video at up to 5 megapixel resolution, while also providing an analog video feed.

STENTOFON/Zenitel Group
Booth: 2117

The new AlphaCom XE series of exchanges (AlphaCom XE) is powered by the next generation AMC-IP board, allowing for more capacity, features and greater flexibility than ever to meet the changing and expanding needs of its customers.

System Sensor
Booth: 11047

NEMA 4-rated InnovairFlex watertight duct smoke detectors are built to operate in challenging environments without enclosures. These detectors can operate in airflow speeds from 100 to 4,000 feet per minute, temperatures from minus 4 degree F to 158 degrees F, and humidity ranges from 0 to 95 percent.

Telular Corporation
Booth: 22117

The Telguard Digital TG-1 Express is a primary residential cellular alarm communicator. The TG-1 Express transmits full data from security and fire systems in cell only, VoIP and no-landline households, to central stations using nationwide digital, cellular networks.

TimeSight Systems
Booth: 5038

TimeSight Systems V2.8 addresses emerging market demand for VSaaS by utilizing Dynamic H.264 compression in applications where the surveillance deployment is decentralized.

Software House
Booth: 22013

Software House C CURE 9000 SiteServer is a compact, solid-state network appliance that provides a full-featured, low-cost access control solution for small applications such as K-12 schools, commercial offices, and healthcare facilities.

VES Fire Detection Systems
Booth: 6038

The EliteRS is an analog addressable fire alarm control panel. The panel is expandable to two loops of 126 points each and is able to be networked up to 64 total panels. The RS Panel is also compatible with other controls.

Vicon Industries
Booth: 16055

Vicon’s Kollector Strike delivers NVR-level performance in a compact, single rack unit, hybrid digital video recorder. It supports up to 16 analog video channels, 4 audio inputs and 8 IP video channels, including IP models and megapixel cameras from other manufacturers.

Booth: 24028

MotionViewer integrates camera, illuminators and PIR into single cordless/wireless device that sends 10 second video clip of intrusion with alarm. Also, upgrade or takeover an existing wired system to priority police response and a video alarm. The same panel can be configured to either upgrade an existing system with video/cell back-up or entirely replace the existing panel as a standalone hybrid panel.

Booth: 24028

Upgrade or takeover an existing wired system to priority police response and a video alarm. The same panel can be configured to either upgrade an existing system with video/cell back-up or entirely replace the existing panel as a stand-alone hybrid panel with both wireless Videofied and inputs for eight wired zones. This is a cost-effective solution to bring Videofied to the installed base as well as upgrade them to cell communications to the central station.

Booth: 10041

Dome cameras with intelligent detection, storage and bandwidth control also combine a rugged, vandal-proof, IP66 rated dome with VideoIQ’s onboard pattern driven analytics, zero bandwidth recording and management software.

Booth: 17126

CyberKey Vaults are intelligent key cabinets that automatically program and dispense electronic keys. Vaults provide three layers of security: secure access to the vault, secure access to keys, and an audit report of each key’s lock openings when it is returned to the vault..

Booth: 9055

RiskShield is the master control point in the VidSys physical security information (PSIM) software system. It enables real-time dynamic situation management by integrating disparate security devices and systems, monitoring for changes and automatically providing instructions or taking actions for resolution.

Viking Electronics, Inc.
Booth: 23218

Viking's new K-6000-DVA can notify up to 1000 people of an event, cancellation, school or business closing, etc. When activated, the K-6000-DVA will automatically call the phone numbers in a pre-programmed group, or "All Call".

Visonic Americas
Booth: 4123

PowerMaxExpress Surveillance QuickFit contains everything needed to install a residential or small/home office (SOHO) system. All the accessories are factory pre-enrolled and ready to be installed.

Western Digital
Booth: 7039

Power-conserving WD AV-GP hard drives take advantage of WD GreenPower Technology to help electronics customers meet the extreme environmental requirements of this specialized storage-enabled market.

Booth: 23035

The Xtralis VESDA VFT-15 is an aspirating smoke detector (ASD) able to pinpoint the source of an incipient smoke incident to speed response, enhance investigation and minimize business disruption and downtime.

Editor’s Note: This list was compiled by the assistance of the Security Industry Association and may not be all-inclusive. Please be sure to check out for an up-to-date and complete listing.