Serving up reseller opportunities

Soft but bright spots exist

Security resellers love good business opportunities, and while the market may not have been as robust as in the past, the hospitality/casino vertical still has bright spots and profitable pockets of installations and new specifications.

And it's not just video surveillance only. These vertical markets are looking for the full solution-from security and accountability to control and remote access.

In the casino marketplace, Native American venues are seeing a definite uptick. Working with state governments in an effort to bring in tax revenues, Native American tribes continue to build some of the biggest and most luxurious casinos in the world. Currently, the money generated by Indian Reservation casinos brings in more money than Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined.

At the North Star Mohican Casino Resort, between Green Bay and Wausau, Wis., Reliable Security Services (an IndigoVision partner) designed and installed a casino wide solution integrating CCTV, access control, intrusion detection and panic alarms over an IP network. The casino is also planning to integrate its point-of-sale equipment into the security system. The casino is owned and operated by the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians.

The installation of a distributed network-based surveillance and security system provided the casino with two major benefits. Firstly it replaced an aging VCR analog-based CCTV system that was expensive and slow to operate and secondly it gave the casino a platform for easy expansion in the future.

The tight and seamless integration between the casino's control center and the other security systems allows powerful cause-and-effects to be programmed. For example, an intrusion alarm can automatically display the nearest camera, pan a camera to a pre-programmed position, display the location of the alarm on a map of the casino and bookmark the video. This allows the security team to quickly manage events and improves overall operator efficiency and incident response.

"Due to an aggressive construction schedule, we only had 48 hours to fully test and commission the 450 camera system before handover," said Bill Miller, president of Reliable Security Services. "Amazingly, we succeeded."

"The flexibility of the IP video solution enabled the casino to remain fully operational during the upgrade," added Miller. "The casino cannot afford surveillance downtime at any time, including the loss of video recording."

Casinos present integrators with some of the sternest challenges of any sector. The venues demand exceptional optical performance with widely varying fields of view needed from cameras operating under divergent lighting conditions across card tables, roulette wheels and gaming machines. Footage must be of a quality that will satisfy evidence demands from the venue, the judiciary and regulatory authorities.

The five-star Atlantic Palace Hotel in Agadir is one of Morocco's premium gambling resorts with a casino that offers slot machines, roulette and many forms of poker including tournament play. The system was implemented by leading Moroccan integrator CST Centre S‚curit‚ et Traitement. CST required integration of network megapixel cameras with IP-addressable speed domes. They also insisted that both camera types be compatible with the intelligent video surveillance software that had been chosen to provide both video management and analytics.

The casino is using network cameras from Hikvision that offer 1.3 megapixel data, high levels of vandal-resistance and resolution of 1,600 x 1200 pixels and instant playback at high resolution which is vital for prompt resolution of disputes and protection of revenue.

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