The 5 C's of SaaS

The benefits of using a Software as a Service model

Fortunately, the SaaS model provides numerous answers for these types of challenges. Multi-tenant SaaS services are normally hosted in highly reliable data centers with built-in redundancy. The best providers also employ separate disaster recovery centers to restore full operations if the primary center is disabled. Redundancy in the communication path is built into this model due to the Internet's capability to send information via numerous routes. Even if broadband service is down, it's possible to establish the same communication paths via cellular cards and cellular equipped access panels. Since no special computers or software are required to operate a SaaS-based physical security application, any computer connected to the Internet can be placed into service during an emergency.

5. Coverage

Organizations often find the best way to accelerate profitable growth through geographic expansion. Expansion comes with significant challenges, risks and expenses. Security as a Service solutions provide clear benefits for organizations with geographically dispersed sites. The low initial costs and wide scalability of SaaS solutions give organizations access to world-class technologies with an economic model that promotes expansion rather than restricting it. Securely using the public Internet as a communication medium greatly simplifies the deployment of remote sites for IT departments. Even better, the centrally hosted SaaS model provides all the central oversight and management necessary in well-run organizations without requiring costly investments in a dedicated infrastructure.

A SaaS-based security platform gives you the power to drop an access control point anywhere in the world and have it communicating, configured and controlling your facility in a matter of hours, with complete synchronization to your master database and with total audit capability from wherever you happen to be. With the complexity of local software and hardware configurations removed from the equation, installers with even modest training can successfully implement a SaaS-based physical access control solution.

SaaS changes our relationship with software by allowing us to focus on what it does for us rather than the infrastructure required to make it work. It also changes our relationships with software providers by creating a mutually dependent environment in which the service seller is fully committed to the customer's outcomes. A customer simply will not continue to pay for a solution that does not provide ongoing value to their organization. Organizations best served by rapid access to state-of-the-art technology offering tremendous scalability and predictable costs over time should consider a SaaS-based option for physical security.

John Szczygiel is the executive vice president of Brivo Systems LLC, Bethesda, Md.,