Focus on policies and risk management

Resellers need to know where to start and what to ask

"Today, you have to be aware that domestic violence has spilled over into the workplace," said Lander. "So you have to think outside the box today and also, take the holistic approach. You have to consider all the entrances, not just the main one. The significant other can be waiting in the parking lot or garage; they know where their partner works and when they leave, etc."

Lander said an assessment will determine the company's risk priorities, competitive risks, assets, personnel or other hardware of software risks. "You need to cover the perimeter with access control, and make sure people have an escape plan as well. People have to learn to react and how to react. Generally, I've found there is a lack of security preparedness and training at corporations and among end-users."

Another initiative is to take the personnel factor into account and consider all the possibilities; help the end-user develop handbooks and policy management guides as well as orientation procedures and follow up. Checking that the processes have been implemented is another goal. Companies need disaster preparedness plans and copies have to go out to all personnel. "Access control has to be fortified--many access control systems have all their data on one computer and don't have appropriate back up."

Lander said if a corporation/company is not sure what they want, they should hire a consultant with no connections to any manufacturers to do a complete site assessment. "Some integrators have a tendency to lead a client down a path of least resistance, which is equipment that they are familiar with, which sometimes is not in the best interest of the client," added Lander. "Many good integrators will do a hardware assessment and be aware of the overall capabilities of many vendors, thereby giving the client what they need."

The way the reseller can add value to the equation is through the consultative selling approach and that means a consideration of the policies and risk management procedures which may be in place, or assisting the end-user. Coupled with technology, such as access control, the solution will be sure to fit the user like a glove.

Leading Stats

According to the latest workplace injury figures from the U.S. Department of Labor, violence is a leading cause of job fatalities, behind only transportation incidents, prompting numerous organizations to advocate stronger standards for violence prevention guidelines.