Solutions snapshot - March 2010

How might I respond to a Web-based incident that causes significant brand damage?

Preparing for such an incident should be mission-critical for any consumer-dependent business. You should have the processes and tools in place to identify potential Web-based incidents before they spread and to harness the power of Web-based discussion channels to minimize or prevent damage. Know the menu of social media and related cyber-arenas available to them and you.

Know and understand Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, media-based blogs and the trailing reader commentary. And use them thoughtfully - even entertainingly, if you have to - to address the misinformation, and do it on an attitude level consistent with each channel's users. By documenting these actions, you can help make the business case justification for budget funding and resource requests. Then you can confidently present your funding requests knowing that senior leadership has the ability to rationally support your request and has the understanding to accept a specific risk or threshold of risk to the company.

Next month's question: What can I do to combat a lack of management confidence in Security?

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