The power of ingenuity

Selecting the right power supply for the job

The splitter concept can also be applied to enable inclusion of networked devices that require 25 watts. These devices include network cameras that use specific features such as pan-tilt-zoom, IR illumination or heaters/blowers that are not PoE-compliant due to power limitations or models that simply lack PoE connectivity. This type of 25 watt PoE splitter would be considered as "PoE compatible" and is dependent on coupling the splitter with appropriate PoE power source equipment.

Additionally, repeaters can be used to extend PoE length limitations to distances of 100 meters (328 ft.) if the load demand causes unacceptable line drop. The repeater must be designed to be consistent with PoE standards with respect to both the power source equipment and the PoE-powered device.

Proper planning coupled with the right selection of products can enable power systems to fulfill the increasing multitude of requirements for today's complex security and video surveillance products.

Paul Rizzuto is Technical Sales Manager at Altronix Corp.