Helping retailers fight crime

How video, access control and other technologies can increase retail security

Security measures that deter theft by customers and employees are a wise investment. Some retail loss prevention officials estimate that a security system can pay for itself within a year. Those results may vary depending on the type of store, location, number of employees and a number of other factors. Deterrence is generally always less expensive than attempting to catch thieves in the act and prosecuting them later.

But technology solutions, both high- and low-tech, are available to help give retailers the upper hand against criminals. Any edge is especially important as many retailers are battling for their continued business existence. To get the most out of today’s technology, work with a security integrator with knowledge of the industry and years of experience working with retailers.

J. Matthew Ladd is president and chief operating officer of Exton, Pa.-based The Protection Bureau, a leading systems integrator providing electronic security services in the Mid-Atlantic Region. He has over 30 years experience in the security industry in all aspects of the integrator’s side of the business. The Protection Bureau is also a member of Security-Net, an international network of 24 top independently owned security system integrators.