Standing out as standards emerge

Panasonic takes initiative in the year of video standards

Additionally, by virtue of Panasonic’s range of products across many business and consumer markets, we have access to technology expertise and intellectual assets that may have been developed for previously unrelated products or systems. One example is the applicability of megapixel imaging (a core technology in Panasonic’s broadcast and consumer cameras) to security and surveillance applications. Product line breadth also enables a company like Panasonic to provide application-specific and/or enterprise-level solutions for virtually any size venue.

As mentioned, standardization does not mean that Panasonic and other manufacturers are undifferentiated from one another. In addition to customer service and support, Panasonic will continue to work to stand out with superior image quality, low light performance, dynamic range and advanced features and functionalities. In this year of standards, we believe that true best-in-breed will still be anything but standard.

Bill Taylor is president of Panasonic System Networks Company.