A happy medium

Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs stays IP-ready with integrated system

To further drive integration throughout the facility, Mohegan Sun also implemented technology that ties together data from point-of-sales systems, slot machines and cash counters, and integrates with the broader video management system platform. The data monitoring and mining technology, Honeywell's Integrated Data Manager (IDM), captures cash-handling information from casino registers and machines and then integrates the data with video. As a result of this integration, casino officials can review cash handling from anywhere within the facility.

The data monitoring technology features real-time reporting capabilities, which personnel can use to generate reports, such as the previous day's transactions. Users can also perform customized searches for specific data and pinpoint suspicious activities and security issues. "It's challenging to keep a close eye on cash handling throughout the facility like ours - and demonstrate ROI, no less," Zarn says. "Now, we can quickly pinpoint data and resolve issues, which keeps guests happy and helps our bottom line."

From an operator perspective, Mohegan is able to partition the integrated system so both the security and surveillance teams can benefit from it. The surveillance team uses it to monitor cash handling on the floor and in cash-count cages. The security team leverages the installation for handling back-of-the-house operations and other operational issues that go beyond security breaches, including visitor injury incidents.

"We can easily pinpoint and share only the pertinent video with the appropriate parties, which is a big timesaver," Zarn says. "This takes just seconds, and it provides greater data security in that the coverage cannot be duplicated or burned at the remote station. Plus, it facilitates the workflow of our risk management department, so it helps on many levels."

In addition, the new integrated system is also helping Mohegan meet gaming regulations in the new Pennsylvania gaming market. "Because Pennsylvania is a new gaming market, regulatory requirements are very stringent when compared to mature gaming markets," Zarn says. "We needed technology that would meet those requirements, while also providing the ability to expand and be IP-ready."

In the near future, Mohegan will expand the system due to the recent passing of Pennsylvania legislation that allows table games at the facility. The organization will add 380 cameras to accommodate its planned 80 table games and a new slot machine area. Officials also plan for the expansion to include the facility's access control and life safety systems, which will further drive the benefits of integration in the facility.

"Having an integrated system lets us be more proactive in our approach to asset protection and keeping our visitors and employees safe," Zarn says. "We're better equipped to prevent incidents like theft and don't have to wait for events to happen. And by being proactive also helps boost morale among our staff members, who in turn are more productive and effective."