The server-based gaming experience

An investment in a network robust enough for 24-hour video surveillance is paying a jackpot well beyond physical security for Eastside Cannery Casino and Resort

- Server-based gaming: "Our objective in building an IP-based gaming floor is to offer our customers more - more interaction, games, prizes, and giveaways than they get elsewhere," says Daryl Lytle, corporate network administrator, Cannery Casinos Resorts. For example, Cannery's new Splash Down / Count Down and Ricochet Rewards program, used with Aristocrat games, enables players to engage in group collaboration for bonus pools, and also enables players to collaborate to share bonus games and points. In the future, the casino will be able to push a brand-new game to slot machines without having to change the entire bank of games, which will save thousands of hours, according to Lytle.

- New marketing venue at no extra cost: The marketing department uses idle gaming monitors to announce when someone has won the jackpot, increasing excitement on the floor. And when a restaurant has open tables, Eastside Cannery can instantly advertise the discount on any video monitor in the property. "Today's slot machine is more than a game," Peterson says. "It's a marketing venue. We have a captive audience in customers who are playing a game, and can market to them on the same screen."
- Personalized customer experience: Tying together the gaming floor, player tracking system, and hotels has created a central repository of information that is helping Eastside Cannery create a customized player experience, including offering points redeemable for meals. "When a past guest walks through our doors, we like to know what games they play, their room preferences and where they enjoy dining," Day says. "This helps us offer amenities and bonuses to make their stay more pleasant."

The benefits extend to hotel guests, as well. Guests staying in suites can use their touch screen color IP phones for flight check in and more. Maids touch buttons on the phones when the room is ready for the next guest, enabling faster turnover.

Leading the Way to the Future of Gaming

What might the future hold? Perhaps you will be able to visit a restaurant and order on screen, pay by placing your credit card on the table, and even indicate which ingredients to exclude because of allergies. Eliminating the middleman between customer and chef simplifies operations. Maybe you'll make a restaurant reservation from the gaming machine so that you can play longer instead of waiting in line. Eastside Cannery might also encourage you to view your in-room energy and water usage in real-time from an IP phone, and gain points by reducing consumption.

"With its open standards-based approach, the Cisco network is the platform for video surveillance, server-based gaming, applications that enhance the guest experience, and other applications we haven't even thought of," Day says. "We're prepared for the future."

Steve Collen is Director of Business Development for Cisco's Physical Security Business Unit.