Getting the most from an analog system

Technological improvements are making "old" surveillance systems new again

In these tough economic times, there are many companies that simply will not consider an upgrade to a new IP video system. Still, you can achieve a significant upgrade to your CCTV surveillance without a complete system replacement. Start by thinking about which cameras in your system would really benefit from an update. You do not have to replace them all - start with the critical scenes that make the most difference. Then think about an update to your monitors - small money and a big difference.

Finally, start replacing your recording devices focusing on the critical cameras (likely the cameras you just upgraded). Sure, it is not a new system, but squeezing a big performance increase out of your current installation for a small amount of money may be the next best thing.

Rich Anderson is the president of Phare Consulting, a firm providing technology and growth strategies for the security industry. A 25-year veteran of high tech electronics, Mr. Anderson previously served as the VP of Marketing for GE Security and the VP of Engineering for CASI-RUSCO. He can be reached at