Well-Designed Badges Help Prevent Loss

The right ID can stop a criminal in his tracks.

The main supply of badge stock may be stored inside or outside the badging area. At large facilities, several badging areas may coexist, requiring a central badge stock repository. In either case, stock should be under lock and key, with proper accounting procedures for stock that is removed. This includes accounting practices for defective and rejected badges developed during the manufacturing process. This stock must be destroyed and properly documented. Badge stock should not be left in the badging area outside of locked storage. This remaining stock that might be used to counterfeit a badge should be moved to a lockable storage area or to a lockable badge hopper on the printer.

A well-designed badge that is manufactured consistently across the enterprise is a major step in preventing counterfeiting and mitigating a company's losses.

Robert Pearson, PE is a member of the National Standing Committee for ASIS International. He teaches on integrated security systems and corporate security management at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. He is also a consultant for the Strategic Oil Reserve and manager of electronic security systems for Raytheon Co.