The New Deal: Security and the Government

Providing security to local government has always been a significant market segment to the alarm dealer.

Providing security to local government has always been a significant market segment to the alarm dealer. Several factors indicate that this trend will continue. The alarm dealer has the potential to offer a broader selection of products and services than ever before. System integration means both interactive technology as well as an installer who can do it all.

The current state of affairs in our world with respect to public safety and security has opened up the market for the security installing dealer. Long ignored public safety issues are now being addressed with updated building codes and accelerated enforcement. The war on crime and the potential threats of terrorist acts from both outside and within our country have fostered new opportunities including the Homeland Security market.

Product Knowledge
Like any application, knowing the needs of the customer and the products that fit those needs is critical. How do certain products enable the security dealer to service the needs of the local municipal government?

Kim Kornmaier, CPP, and Director of Sales for Honeywell Video and Access Systems, reports that the Pasadena, CA government needed a way to address several issues, such as terror threats, vandalism, trespassing, vagrancy, potential accidents at a railroad crossing, gases and chemicals, and safety violations. Kornmaier points out, “By integrating our access control, photo identification and closed circuit television system with day/night and high speed pan/tilt/zoom cameras, the city is better equipped to control, monitor, record, notify and prevent these types of events from occurring.”

Security/Safety personnel, from a central monitoring station, can now receive automatic notifications indicating the type and location of the event along with a live video (day or night) and audio feed. Events such as video motion, perimeter motion, invalid card, un-authorized personnel, gate and/or door forced open, and fire alarms, can quickly be assessed and responded to upon notification. Workers, contractors and/or visitors can now be monitored to insure proper safety procedures are being followed and protective gear, such as hard hats, are being worn. Any violations can be recorded and used for training which in turn helps hold down injuries and code violations.”

The City of Pasadena also had to comply with ISO recommendations for upgrading the security system of its power facilities after September 11th. Stewart and Associates, an LA- based security dealer, supplied the solution using Honeywell Integrated Security Technologies.

Stewart and Associates installed cameras in and around all facilities, and issued smart cards for the city’s employees. They contain personal information about each employee to convey who is in each public facility at any given time. Additionally, each employee’s card has the potential to go beyond basic credentials and serve as a credit card, a library card, and parking garage pass. Fingerprints can also be added.

Cameras and smart cards are part of a larger security solution based on the integration of two products: WIN-PAK Pro and RapidEye Multi. WIN-PAK Pro allows all security system components to be integrated in one user interface, making it easier to manage systems with multiple locations like Pasadena. RapidEye Multi is a digital video and transmission system, combining digital recording, multiplexing, remote viewing, alarm detection and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera control.

Stewart and Associates was awarded a renewable one year contract with Pasadena and is now showcasing similar Honeywell solutions to nearby Glendale, Laverne, Los Angeles County and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

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