Closing in on the future

Video management software—An important product offering with a future to watch

“Video management software and the network platform provide the capability to transform video surveillance and management across the enterprise with a whole new level of proactive surveillance and monitoring advantages. The challenge for the systems integrator is to know where to start and how to determine which management system provides the right features or best return on investment. Another starting point for security dealers and system integrators is education, as effective training can help to ensure successful implementation of IP video solutions. TRENDS There are areas that will positively impact the growth of video management software – technology integration/partnerships; expanded use of the technology outside the traditional security environment; and wireless technologies. VIRTUALIZATION The virtualized software business model is a new entry in the industry and depending on the circumstances can be an effective solution. Software as a Service can be particularly attractive to smaller organizations that do not have in-house security or IT resources.” —Gadi Piran, president, OnSSI

“To narrow the field of choice, an integrator and value-added reseller may want to look at the client’s perspective to ascertain if they will be best served through an Internet-based or enterprise solution. Internet-based solutions are suited for large numbers of users. Enterprise solutions are for managing and distributing information and are meant to reside behind a firewall on the customer’s private IP network. TRENDS Many technologies begin in corporations and are modified for use by consumers. Consumers are adopting the use of video and a variety of different tools for managing and sharing video, at a much faster rate than corporations. While corporate video management systems are meant to be accessed from a desktop PC or laptop, a mobile workforce is demanding that anything that can be done on their PC also be done on a Smartphone or other wireless device. VIRTUALIZATION Many enterprise applications are quickly moving from behind-the-firewall to hosted SaaS solutions, where video management and distribution have some unique challenges. —Greg Casale, CEO, Starbak