Wireless reader and credential technology

Interfacing with security management systems

The original 26-bit format, with over 16 million individualized codes, is an industry standard and a worldwide open format. The open format assures compatibility of the credential’s code with the systems programming. All manufacturers of readers and credentials offer other bit formats. These formats increase total available codes to trillions. While the 26-bit format is available to any authorized purchaser of security products, the expanded bit formats are reserved for specific manufacturers of security management systems.

When interfacing with a security management system, the most frequent question is: can the existing access control cards be used for the parking facility? When you decide to use an ultra high frequency reader for the parking facility and the existing people-access readers are either low or high frequency, the answer is no. If the budget allows for you to swap out the existing access readers, you can now install an ultra high frequency reader for personal access with a read range up to 12 inches. This way you can have a single-card solution for both people-access and parking security.

The integration of the parking facility with the security management system can be seamless. The security personnel will be more efficient and you will have an additional layer of security. As long as you understand which frequency technology will best meet your security requirements, the installation and operation will be successful.

Scott B. Matty is the director of the Sales-Security Division for AWID, www.awid.com.