Analog bodes well in metro centre garage

Convincing case for the technology at multi-level facility

Instead, the new system at Metro garage uses analog video cameras along with baluns and passive hubs by Vigitron to enable the video and control signals to run along the Cat 5e cables. The configuration allows video cable runs up to 1,000 feet, thus easily accommodating the garage’s dimensions. A total of 102 cameras cover the garage, including 63 vandal-resistant domes and 38 all-in-one dome cameras that provide pan-tilt-zoom functionality. Equipped with technology designed to yield high image quality including 128x dynamic range, the cameras provide crystal clear surveillance around the clock (bright lights illuminate the garage 24 hours a day). The cameras are waterproof, dustproof (meeting IP66 standards) and vandal-resistant. With future expansion of additional parking lots, adding IP video would be a consideration, according to Harry.

Always on alert

Now, security guards keep watch at the garage 24/7. Their duties include monitoring the cameras in the control room and patrolling the premises in a vehicle. They work closely with the MTA police, who frequently patrol the area and are always on call for specific incidents. The surveillance system can provide video to the MTA of any events in and around the garage. PC workstations in the control room allow operators to “burn film” from the system, either onto a CD or a USB drive. The PC accesses video through the software of the matrix switch.

The video system has been useful on multiple occasions since it was installed. Ken Voland, property manager for David S. Brown Enterprises remembers one example when someone reported the theft of a truck from the garage one evening. Video of the theft clearly showed the person who took the truck used a key fob to unlock the doors and also entered from the passenger’s side as they apparently were aware that the driver’s side door was broken.

There was also a timely display of the power of the video technology on the day MTA showed up to sign off on the new system. Cameras had captured video of an illegal drag race that had taken place on the empty upper level of the parking decks. The video even showed MTA how their officer had handled the incident, which enabled management to provide feedback to the officer.

Sidebar: Project’s Key Suppliers

From Panasonic:
• Eight 16-channel video passive hubs (located in the control room)
• Seven WJ-RT416 series DVRs
• WJ-SX650 Matrix System
• WV-ASM100 i-Pro operation and management software
• WV-CW964 pan-tilt-zoom dome cameras
• Four 42-inch plasma display monitors and eight 20-inch LCD monitors on desks
• Two WV-CU650 system controllers

Other key suppliers:
• Vigitron UTP (unshielded twisted pair) transceivers (baluns)
• Two racks in the control room hold the DVRs, the matrix switch, a Talk-A-Phone PBX system, the Vigitron passive hubs and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and extended battery backup.
• 35 Talk-A-Phone hands-free emergency phone stations