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Cards, badges and biometrics

2nd Gen Biometric Security—A new, second-generation biometric security solution with technology developed by the Israeli military is installed in a 200-student Los Angeles school with other deployments poised for Philadelphia and New York City. Manufactured by FST21 Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel, the SafeRise® System fuses best-of-breed biometrics and analytics and will be rolled out to new and retrofit high-rise, office, multifamily and multi-tenant markets.

SafeRise is a seamless and non-intrusive product that identifies user’s facial characteristics, voice print and behavioral patterns. “This is the beginning of how people will gain access to buildings in the 21st century,” said Avi Lupo, general manager, SafeRise Americas and a co-founder of the company with Major General (Res.) Aharon Zeevi Farkash, former head of Israeli Military Intelligence.

There’s been keen interest by property managers and developers, who see it as an added edge and perfect perk for their properties. It’s also an attractive source of recurring monthly revenue for monitoring companies.

“This is a unique technology developed for the Israeli Army,” said Lupo. “It’s a smart system that identifies people by the way they walk, talk, look and even what they drive. It can analyze voice patterns and stress levels. It’s not just one technology, it’s a fusion of technologies.” The system is comprised of software and hardware, including a redundant on-site server; IP door controllers; high-resolution megapixel cameras; IP intercoms; electronic locks and more.

Video analytics use software algorithms that monitor areas of interest to detect movement or changes in a video stream. SafeRise includes a people counter, speed and density measurements and tailgating. It can recognize a tenant’s voice to automatically open the door in response to speech and can automatically call a tenant when asked by a guest arriving at the door. License Plate Recognition (LPR) uses image recognition software algorithms to detect and read a vehicle’s license plate number for parking lot access by authorized vehicles. Upon vehicle exit, it cross-references the license plate number with a database of authorized drivers. If an unauthorized driver is detected, a live monitoring center is called.

Powerful Tools for Smaller ID Card Programs—The Alpha Card Light photo ID software from Alpha Card Systems features such user-friendly tools as pre-defined templates, rich text formatting, conditional design elements and integrated photo capture. The software is compatible with all brand-name ID card printers.

Dual-Sided Lamination—The EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer ID Card Printer from Digital Identification Solutions is patterned after the renowned 5xxie series printer engine and provides increased reliability, superior image quality, greater security and maximum flexibility. With the DS-ILM, it also offers simultaneous, dual-side lamination.

Inconspicuous to the Naked Eye—DMP offers a variety of keypads that incorporate built-in proximity device readers. Used with proximity cards, keyfobs or the DMP Prox Patch, users have codeless/keyless system arming/disarming. The Prox Patch is a small, adhesive proximity transponder that adheres to a wallet or almost anything that users typically carry.

Power with the Touch of a Finger—The EverAccess series from EverFocus features the EBC-890 fingerprint controller with a built-in reader and single door controller that can work as a standalone, with other EverAccess controllers or over IP. Management features include entry/exit access, a backlit LED screen and built-in keypad.

On-Site Personalization Is Key—The Evolis Quantum system is a modular printing and encoding system for high-volume and dual-sided card personalization. It fits a wide array of market applications: ID and membership cards; loyalty cards; transportation passes; student cards; event passes, payment cards; and much more.

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