Product showcase

Cards, badges and biometrics

Body Screening Preserves Privacy—Whole body imaging systems from Brijot Imaging Systems are designed to clearly detect non-metallic items hidden under clothing. Their deployed checkpoint system does not emit radiation or energy at people during the screening process but only receives naturally occurring millimeter waves from the human body; any items hidden on someone’s body will show up in clear contrast in displayed images.

Personalization Made Possible—The Datacard MPR5800™ inline card production and personalization system provides a multiple inline process from smart card manufacturing, to personalization and fulfillment in a single, modular system at speeds up to 10,000 cards per hour depending on configuration. The MPR5800 system targets the following applications: Telecom; financial; and inline Smart-card production & personalization.

Custom Cards at Your Service—Polaroid Commercial ID Systems and ScreenCheck offer the CardCoach NET Service Bureau, a Web site service for producing custom ID Cards. ScreenCheck creates a secure reseller account that allows you to add end-user customers in minutes. Resellers do not manage customer data and the customer designs his own layouts—no software or installation necessary. The reseller storefront and pricing are customizable.

Multi-function Serves a Purpose— The Multi-Biometric Capture Station from L-1 Identity Solutions is a complete solution for managing fingerprint, face and iris capture in accordance with industry-specified guidelines. The solution offers easy integration and biometric processing and performance, featuring higher quality fingerprint, face and iris data capture with real-time image quality checks and best practices compression standards for face.

Cogent AFIS Client Interface—The CAFIS client interface, CAFIS 6.0, from Cogent Systems offers a wide array of features and functions for processing tenprints, finger latents, palm prints and palm latents.