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AXIS JOINS THE THERMAL RANKS—Axis Communications, Chelmsford, Mass., a provider of network video surveillance solutions is joining the line of providers offering thermal cameras.

“We see a great demand from customers in high-end professional applications to enhance their IP surveillance systems with thermal network cameras,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications Inc. He added that the price has dropped considerably for the technology, allowing it to be offered in many new applications.

Axis’ newly released Q1910 and Q1910-E thermal network cameras utilize thermal imaging to allow users to detect people and incidents with great reliability even in complete darkness and other difficult conditions. The AXIS Q1910 is designed for indoor surveillance, while the AXIS Q1910-E is an IP66-rated, outdoor-ready camera.

“Up until now, there have been no full-featured thermal network cameras available on the market and analog thermal cameras are expensive and have proven a challenge to integrate with modern video surveillance systems,” continued Nilsson. “The AXIS Q1910 and Q1910-E change this by being the industry’s first security and surveillance thermal cameras that mesh perfectly with any network video system, delivering all the benefits that customers have learned to expect from network cameras.”

Both cameras offer thermal imaging capabilities such as 160 x 128 resolution, 8.33 fps and a 17-degree angle of view. In addition, they are unique on the market in supporting key IP-surveillance features such as H.264 and Motion JPEG, audio, local storage and power over Ethernet. The Q1910 and Q1910-E cameras are supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the ADP program as well as the AXIS Camera Station. They also support the ONVIF specification for interoperability of network video products.

Power Amplified!—Abletec now offers high performance power amplifier modules. The Audio Line Combination (ALC) Series combines Class D power amplifiers with the company’s ZVS switching power supplies. RMS output power ranges from 180 to 1000 watts.

Improved Software—With improved CA3000 v.2.7 software from Continental Access, downloads take 50 to 75 percent less time with faster direct connection speeds that surpass 921 kbps and can process up to 54MIPS with 32bit accelerator board that connects to the Continental’s Superterm or Turbo Superterm controllers.

Wireless Data-Logging MultiMeter—Extech Instruments’ EX540 is a full-function DDM with True RMS 0.06 percent accuracy and CAT IV protection. It features wireless connectivity to your laptop, transmitting real-time data for trending and analysis.

DVD Features Added Resources—Panasonic now offers a new, expanded version of its Spec Assist DVD. The Spec Assist v5.8 is designed to help systems integrators, dealers, architects, and consulting engineers, with formulation of bids and proposals – all on a convenient, on-the-go format when Internet access is not available.

Explosive Detection—The Advanced Container Security Device (ACSD) from Gatekeeper USA has the ability to detect the explosive, Pentaerythritol Trinitrate (PETN), in minute’ trace quantities, utilizing a much smaller footprint and offering superior detection capabilities to the failed “puffer machines” and security swabs used to look for trace amounts of certain substances.

Integrated Solutions for Your Home—Intamac Systems’ iPhone application is an innovative interface which allows full two-way control, live video, messaging and reporting from the home. The Intamac iBridge is an interface device which enables third-party communicating products to be connected via broadband to the Intamac Platform, allowing end-user customers to monitor and control these products remotely through their Web-enabled Intamac account.

Installs Up To 3 Stories—RISCO’s Industrial LuNAR addressable dual-technology ceiling-mount intrusion detector can be installed up to 28 feet high and has Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT) to detect intruder camouflage attempts. It incorporates three independently adjustable photo infrared (PIR) channels for customized coverage, along with a microwave channel.

Harness the Sun for Security—Securitron expanded its DC power supply offering with the introduction of the Boxed Power Supply Solar or BPSS in 10 and 20 Watts. These self-contained solar-powered solutions are for single-point lock control and for applications where access to the power grid is inconvenient, too expensive or not possible.

Protecting Important Devices—STI’s Select-Alert mini controller features a combination of alarm and super bright flashing LEDs and a choice of 32 unique alarm tones and independent strobe and siren timing. If the unit is triggered, the ear piercing siren and LED flashing strobe draws attention in a hurry.

Security with the Stroke of a Pen—Swann Security’s PenCam Mini Video Camera & Recorder captures color AVI videos in 640 x 480 VGA resolution and JPEG still images in 1280 x 960 resolution. All footage is recorded on internal 2GB memory, capable of recording over an hour of video footage or capturing 9,000 still images.

New Series Smoke Detectors—System Sensor announced its full line of i3 Series photoelectric smoke detectors with sounders. These two- and four-wire models generate an 85 dBA temporal tone and are ideal for residential applications, especially those that require synchronization of the alarm signal throughout the system.

App via the iPhone—The Veracity App, which is now available from the Apple iTunes Store as a free download, was developed by Veracity, in conjunction with Rage Digital, to provide immediate access to questions raised during many installations. The App provides information on each Veracity product via the “products” tab. When Veracity launches a new product, information will appear within the “products” section of the App.

Catalog Resource—Videx’s new catalog is packed with helpful information on CyberLock electronic locks and intelligent padlocks. The catalog is FREE and includes an instructive CD on electronic lock and key technology. CyberLock brings electronic access control and auditing to mechanical lock hardware simply by removing a lock’s cylinder and replacing it with a CyberLock electronic cylinder.

Integrated Access Control—From top to bottom, AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ M2150 Intelligent Controllers for access control operation have received UL 294 certification. The model M2150 controllers provide distributed intelligence and can be combined in more than 50 configurations to provide access control for up to 16 doors in one panel.

High Bandwidth Carriers—Systems integrators and consultants looking for better advantages to support high bandwith 10G applications can deploy laser-optimized Cablesys OM3 10G fiber optics in local area networks (LANs), Storage Area Networks (SANs) and data centers. Multistrand and bundled solutions built to specific job requirements include MPO, LC, SC and other connectivity types.

Upgraded Management Software—Phihong released a new version of its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) management software. The software provides enhanced local and remote access capabilities, including the ability to monitor and reset all connected PoE devices, as well as review parametric information for each port.

No Fooling this Sensor—Visonic’s anti-masking motion detectors alert the user of tampering. The detectors include the DUET AM C/O and DUO 220AM and the TOWER- 10AM, 12AM and 20AM. Diagnostics assure users their motion sensors are working properly and not accidentally or purposely blocked.

For Fine Wire Applications—A precision pair of wire cutters and pliers for grasping and tip-cutting soft lead wires in electronics production, assembly and rework and craft and hobby applications is available from Xuron Corp. The Xuron® 170-II Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter and Model 450S Pliers are for working with wire from under 1 mil thick to 18 gauge.

New Line Members—SAMSUNG | GVI Security introduced 43X optical zoom lens along with 34X and 25X optical zoom lens PTZ cameras to the Advanced A1™ Chip Technology product line. The A1™ Chip brings the advanced image quality to analog video with features like 600TV Lines of resolution.

Web-Based Access Control—The C•CURE 9000 SiteServer from Software House, a Tyco International Company, is a compact, network device that provides a full-featured access control solution for small applications, such as K-12 schools, satellite offices and retail stores.

Listed Motion Detector—Digital Monitoring Products received authorization from Underwriters Laboratories to apply the UL Listed mark to its 1127 Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Detectors. These wall-mount detectors are available in curtain and wide-angle versions.

Megapixel Camera—Hikvision Digital Technology Co. released the DS-2CD886MF-E five-megapixel network camera. Using the H.264 video codec based on TI’s DaVinci™ platform, it delivers compressed video stream with resolution of up to QSXGA (2560x1920) at 8fps and HD 1080P (1920x1080) at full frame rate.

Regulatory Player—Inovonics received residential UL listing and California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) approval on its wireless EchoStream® smoke detector model EN1242. The EN1242 smoke detector uses GE® Interlogix technology for long battery life and Sentrol/ESLIs CleanMe® diagnostics, alerting the user when cleaning is needed.

Small But Mighty—A compact JPEG series of cameras in 1.3, 2, 3 or 5 megapixel formats has been released by Arecont Vision. These CMOS sensor cameras address cost sensitivities in the JPEG market as well as the size constraints of environmental housings. Compact JPEG cameras function via PoE, eliminating the need for auxiliary power.


New Fiber Design—Mohawk released its newly re-designed tactical fiber cable. The robust cable design was developed and constructed from rugged military mechanical standards and will stand up to harsh field abuse. The re-deployable cable can be used in broadcast, military communications, mining and industrial applications.

Dime-Sized Wi-Fi Adapters—D-Link now offers its DWA-121 wireless N USB adapter. It connects to a Wireless 802.11n network providing download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, allowing network users to access high-speed Internet services, transfer files and stream media from virtually anywhere in their home or office.

Surveillance in Parking Garages—Easy to install, the all-weather 5.8GHz wireless video transmitter and receiver systems from Videocomm Technologies are ready to operate, right out of the box. Simply connect a power supply, video cable, choose a channel, aim and shoot. With systems ranging from 500 feet up to 4 miles, these systems are the best choice for short to long-range wireless applications.

Wireless Times 2—Xanboo added two wireless video cameras, a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera and a fixed camera, to its “Security Enhanced’ line of products. A unique feature of Xanboo’s system architecture is that the cameras use the Wifi link to connect directly to the Xanboo gateway, as opposed to the user’s router.