Securing the enterprise

The vast terrain offers more RMR

As access control systems get more complex in enterprise locations, users expect a higher level of support and may opt to have integrators manage their services or even host applications. Managed access will definitely be a growth market in security but as with other customers, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Think RMR

When you think of enterprise access control customers, put yourself in their shoes. Consider offering:

• Service, maintenance and regular upgrades
• Hosted servers and browser-based software
• Managed access services
• Building controls, energy monitoring and wireless sensors
• Card administration and management
• Integration with human resources and other databases

Sidebar: Paving the Road to a Managed-Services Business Model
By Sharon Shaw, vice president, Integrator Support

Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) has become a buzzword in the physical security industry. As time goes on, companies with RMR streams become wealthier, more stable and more competitive on hardware and installation pricing. It is evident that the industry is shifting toward the managed-services business model; a business model where the money made on services provided following project completion is the most vital to the company.

Technology has recently made it possible for systems integrators to generate RMR through remote video monitoring and hosted access control. Remote video monitoring combines traditional fire and burglar alarm monitoring with live video streaming, two-way audio communication and integrated access control solutions to provide end-users with an interactive and protective approach to physical security; transforming forensic video into eyes on the scene.

“Managed services provide a means for systems integrators to generate recurring revenue while providing high-level services to their customers,” said Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA Security Network. “With equipment and installation margins shrinking, managed services provide a way for systems integrators to maintain profitability, and even increase the company’s value, while increasing cash flow and lowering credit risk. Systems integrators must establish a managed services business model and Integrator Support is the vehicle to get them there.”

Hosted access control allows systems integrators to log in to a Web-based program, remotely manage the access database of their customers and provide their customers with valuable reports and data; all without any access control servers or software on site or in their office.

These services are attractive to end-users who are looking for the safety of a security guard onsite or minimizing their involvement in access control database maintenance. The upfront costs are less for the end-users and the integrators generate revenue on an ongoing, contracted basis--bringing the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to the security industry, now being referred to as Security as a Service (also SaaS).

The integrators are left asking, “Now what?”; “So the services and technology are available, but how do I get started?” Integrator Support LLC is dedicated to solving these problems for the physical security integrator community. Integrator Support provides integrators with the remote monitoring and hosted access control services, sales tools, training for business owners, training for sales teams, and service presentations for end-users.

The only company of its kind dedicated to making the physical security integrators more successful, Integrator Support does not sell directly to end-users and exclusively provides the systems integration community with state of the art monitoring services from the G4S Monitoring & Data Center, top-of-the-line hardware from PSA Security Network and PSA Distribution, and sales tools, cost analysis, setup forms and monitoring agreements. It’s everything the integrator and security reseller needs to succeed in this evolving security landscape.